By Kinsey Gustafson

South Dakota is known for the Black Hills, rolling plains, and many Buffalo. A new type of Buffalo is being associated in South Dakota though, with the arrival of the Buffalo Gals organization.

Laura Mounce is a founding Buffalo Gal and explains what exactly what it means. “Buffalo Gals is a group of gutsy gals with grit and grace who meet every month to support one another in our personal and professional endeavors. As diverse as the grasses of the South Dakota prairie, we are varied in professional background and age, but share a common vision of supporting each other and by extension our community.”

She says Buffalo Gals was started like many grassroots endeavors. A group of women noticed a need and decided to fill the need. In the case of Buffalo Gals, they wanted to create a place for women to go beyond the typical “networking” and instead build a group of women who support one another, encourage women to be leaders, and use their voices and skills to change the community.


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