In the season of the music festival, create one right in your own backyard!

  • Give your fest a snappy name, so you can make it an annual event.
  • Create unique invites for your guests, including backstage passes and VIP tickets.
  • Encourage creativity with a make-and-take flower crown table and/or a face (body) painting area.
  • Don’t forget the food.­ Think walking tacos, kabobs, hotdogs, burgers, and ribs.
  • Set up a drink station with plenty of water, sports drinks, and a fun variety of canned local beers.
  • Create comfy seating areas by scattering blankets and pillows around on the ground.
  • Decorate with string lights, streamers and paper lanterns.
  • Encourage guests to wear their favorite band shirt and festival fashions.
  • Spring for personalized take home merch for your guests, like can coozies.
  • and of course, create a playlist featuring your festival circuit favorites.
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