By Denise DePaolo

Images by Liz Painter

Sioux Falls’ love affair with the food truck may have flickered and sputtered at times, but if the popularity of Food Truck Friday is any indication, the fires are burning brightly once more.

For the second year, coworking space The Bakery is hosting the monthly event in its parking lot. The 605 team decided to stop by the season’s first Food Truck Friday in late May to see who was back and what’s new.

We arrived right after five and already, lines were forming at several of the dozen or so trucks onsite. Since the first Food Truck Friday last summer, many changes have occurred. First and foremost, it’s moved from the lunch hour to the evening. More seating is available, with additional tables set up north of The Bakery. Also, there’s a beer garden, which we saw as a welcome addition on a 70-degree Friday evening.

Our group of four made our way passed the line of trucks parked along Main Avenue, through the parking lot (where more trucks were parked), and stopped at the drink ticket table. Each ticket was $4 and good for one of the Fernson beers on tap or a glass of wine at a distant tent. Near the ticket table, local party guru DJ Kor was cranking upbeat country and dance music. Although it was a little on the loud side (how old do I sound?), the music helped set a festival-like tone.

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