Keep your favorite music close on your big summer road trip with a personalized car CD holder.

Materials needed:

Card stock

Six 4×6 index cards

2 rolls of duct tape in contrasting colors

Super glue

Strips of self-adhesive velcro

DIY instructions:

Cut the cardstock into dimensions of 10.5 inches by 6 inches.

Cover both sides of the card stock with strips of duct tape and cut off the excess from the sides.

Cover one side of the note cards with duct tape. Leave excess tape on the bottom of the card. Make half of the cards one color and the other half another.

Arrange the the first index card one inch from the top of the cardstock. Attach the excess tape at the bottom of the index card to the cardstock.

Continue attaching the index cards to the card stock; each one inch below the previous card.

Make three strips of duct tape; one the width of the base and two the length of the sides. Fold each strip over its respective side.

To make the straps, cut four 7 inch strips of duct tape and fold each of them in half lengthwise.

Attach each of the straps to the back of the CD holder with super glue about a half an inch from the sides. Cover them with another layer of duct tape to ensure the straps hold.

Super glue velcro on to the ends of the straps. When dry, connect the straps to attach the cd holder to your car visor.

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