Do you believe in conspiracy theories?

You know, Elvis isn’t dead. Aliens landed at Area 51. The moon landings were an elaborate ruse, and the footage was directed by Stanley Kubrick, but The Shining was his way to let the world know about it.

Yeah, I know too much about that Kubrick thing.

Anyway, what if our history is all a lie? I mean, how do we really know after everyone that lived it is dead? What if the governments of the world devised a plan to make everyone forget the real history of the world because it is just too evil?

Jack Felter doesn’t believe these things. He’s a history teacher in Florida, but he has to return home to Franklin Mills, Ohio to help with his father who is suffering from dementia. And he doesn’t want to go back. If he goes back, he’ll have to see Sam, the girl he fell in love with. But Sam left him for his best friend Tony. But Tony has gone missing. So Jack is pulled into the search for Tony. Tony was a psychologist. He was working with a  boy named Cole.

And let’s just say that Cole believes in one of the biggest conspiracy theories of all. 

And let’s just say that Cole believes in one of the biggest conspiracy theories of all. He thinks the governments of the world brainwashed everyone to forget the real World War II. He thinks that they give everyone fluoride to make them susceptible to radio signals sent out from the HAARP station in Alaska, which sends out a radio signal that makes us believe an alternate history where America entered the war and helped defeat the Nazis as we know it.

And the kicker is that everyone wanted this. Nobody wanted to remember the truth, where half the world’s population died because America didn’t enter World War II until the Nazis invaded America and almost all the world’s Jews were eradicated.

But Cole made Tony believe, and when Jack gets in touch with Cole to try and get a lead to finding Tony, he just might make Jack believe.

And Jack might just have to save the world from the great forgetting.

What to Watch for in July

White Trash: The 400-year Untold History of Class in America
by Nancy Isenberg

Awesome, we finally have a history of white trash in America. Wait, this book is serious? Yeah, Nancy is delving into the history of poor white folks in America, from the Civil War to reality television in the 21st century. There better be a whole chapter dedicated to mullets.


The Fermented Man: A Year on the Front Lines of a Food Revolution
by Derek Dellinger

Derek set out to eat and drink nothing but fermented foods and drinks for a whole year. I mean, I guess if you were only drinking alcohol you might not care if you’re only eating yogurt and sauerkraut for a year, but seriously, you’re just an alcoholic at some point.

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