Don’t cry over spilled wine. Clean the mess with items already in your pantry. And if you can get to the stain before it dries, half the battle is already won!

Salt // For fabric or carpet

Remove wine before it dries by sprinkling salt over the stain in a thick layer. Allow it to sit for an hour. The crystals will absorb the wine and brush right off, or vacuum up.

Club Soda // For fabric or carpet

Pour club soda (LaCroix works in a pinch) over a wet stain until the color fades. Use paper towels or a clean dish cloth to soak up the excess liquid if the stain is on carpet.

Hydrogen Peroxide // For fabric

Create a solution of three parts hydrogen peroxide to one part dish soap. Wet the stain with the solution. Allow to dry and repeat until the stain is gone. No scrubbing necessary.

White Vinegar // For fabric

Cover stain in white vinegar, then immediately rub in laundry detergent. Wash as usual.

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