Sweating it out at the gym doesn’t mean you have to look like a schlump.
Follow these simple tips and tricks to amp up your workout wardrobe.

Four Stylish Workout Essentials

Top with unique detail

Creative hair accessory

Colorful tennis shoes

Eye-catching yoga pants + shorts

Sweating in Style Tips

Use your outfit as a motivator

Not feeling the treadmill today? Throwing on something colorful and stylish can boost your mood, giving you that extra incentive necessary to get out the door and work hard.

Go for comfy + cute

Don’t try to overdo it on the outfit (no one said you had to wear red lipstick at the gym, after all). Instead, make your workout look comfy and attractive by opting for sweat-wicking fabrics in bright colors, tennis shoes that support your arches, and garments that free you to move more than a typical baggy tee.

Ditch the ponytail

Just because you did some cardio doesn’t mean you need to have a bad hair day. Make sure hair is off your face and out of the way with a detailed headband or braid. Bonus: When you take that braid out, you’ll have perfectly imperfect beach waves all set to go.

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