Want your Halloween fête to feel more grown-up than garish? Try these tips for keeping it classic and classy – yet still creepy.



Be intentional with your color palette. Choose black and silver, or black and white with pops of orange or green.

Go overboard with the
orange and black.

Keep it friendly, decorating with items
like jack-o-lanterns and fake spiderwebs.

Get too scary. Skip the
bloody handprints. Keep in mind that kids will be
stopping by for treats.

Show your individuality
with a DIY costume. The
effort will pay off.

Get a cheap costume
last minute.

Offer a simple signature spooky cocktail.

Spend an arm and a
leg on booze.

Let yourself get caught
in the moment with
your guests.

Get too caught up in the details. It’s only one night of the year, after all.


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