I’m trying to adopt a New Year’s resolution, but I’m having trouble sticking with it. What are some tips and tricks to not letting this resolution go out the window by the third week of 2017?

JR: 2017 is all about staying the same. We’ve all made a lot of progress. We deserve a year off. Resolve to stay exactly the same.

JW: If you are asking that, you’re going to fail. If you need tips, it’s not a good sign. Just choose not to quit, like my homie Ron Swanson. Take some personal responsibility! Also, taxation is theft.

JT: Be public about your goals. Often, our fear of failing in front of others trumps our propensity for self-destruction.

A new year means a new me, which means getting rid of old friends that keep dragging me down. How do I approach filtering people out of my life without making a huge deal of it and hurting everyone’s feelings?

JR: You live in the Midwest. You have lived a lifetime of politely say one thing while meaning another.  We literally invented ghosting. You got this.

JW: Send a four-man a capella messenger service to their work to deliver the news. And ask them to record your ex-friend’s face when they belt out ‘Irreplaceable’ by Beyonce in front of their coworkers.

JT: Normally, I’d say ‘Honesty is best. Tell the person you don’t want to hang out anymore.’ But that’s just so uncomfortable. Just start hanging out less and less. Fill your time with constructive activities, take a class, make new friends. That way, when your old friends want to hang out, you’ll have a legitimate excuse.

My boyfriend wants to start this year by saving $5 a day, but keeps talking about taking trips. How do we find a happy medium?

JR: I feel a staycation coming! All you need are some marshmallows, a sleeping bag, and Netflix. Who needs Europe when you can watch Eurotrip? Why go to a national park when you can buy a National Geographic and visit 10!

JW: Save the money for trips? Or get a BF that doesn’t need to save money in a jar.

JT: How about dividing the money into a couple envelopes? Put $3 in one for general savings. Deposit it every week. Put $2 in one marked “travel fund.” In a year, he’ll have $730 for a trip and $1,095 in the bank. Not bad.

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