I’ve always been unlucky in love, and at this point in my life, I’m getting pretty desperate. Should I consider online dating, or is there another way to kick-start my love life?

JR: It’s 2017. Online dating is better than real life dating. It’s awkward if you meet a single person in real life and you haven’t swiped right on their Tinder profile.

JW: If you aren’t online dating, then where are you dating? I’ve been checking out this new site ashleymadison.com or something like that. It is full of people willing to help you on your journey, even married people! All so helpful! One lady who ‘counseled me’ over dinner and drinks a few times recently was so helpful that I sent flowers and a card to her house. I guess I did get a crazy message from her husband that just didn’t seem to understand how she was helping me. Also my car window is now shattered. Upon further review, maybe stay offline.

JT: I think mix it up both ways. Attend networking events or take a fun workshop where you will meet people you wouldn’t normally meet. Also find the right form of online dating that caters to your needs. Some of my best friends met their future spouse online, and I recently attended my first Tinder wedding.

I want to propose to my boyfriend, but my friends think he should be the one to do it. How do I convince them it’s okay for the woman to make the move?

JR: Don’t be shy. If Hillary Clinton can run for President and Beyoncé can be declared a Queen, you can ask a question. Just make sure to wear a power suit when you do it.

JW: Equal rights! So what kind of diamond ring did you buy him? Better make sure it’s a nice rock or he might turn you down. Cushion cut only! Cushion!

JT: Of course you can ask him! That sounds like the best plan ever! That way, he doesn’t have to guess what you’re thinking, and you can get on to celebrating with champagne with friends and family. You can pick out your dream ring together afterwards, and everyone wins

I just started dating my boyfriend a couple weeks ago. As Valentine’s Day gets closer, I’m wondering if I should get him a gift or not. What’s an appropriate present for a three-week long relationship? Or does giving him a gift look like I’m overzealous?

JR: I have never had a three-week long relationship, so I can’t speak from experience. But if I had to guess, the perfect present would be meeting your parents. My parents always keep me calm, so this will hold you off from being overzealous. But don’t tell him; guys love surprises!

JW: Don’t do it. He will read into it. Or, you could go over the top and do some crazy-huge thing just to troll him. When you reveal that you’re not really obsessed after two weeks, he’ll be so happy. It’s your call.

JT: It is completely up to you. I would advise getting him something small, like his favorite beer. Even better? If it’s so new treat him on a date, like bowling, or take him out for a cocktail before a movie. Just don’t overthink it.

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