I’m feeling stuck in the winter blues, but don’t have enough saved up for a big spring break vacation. How can I make the most of a staycation right here at home?

JR: First step, load up on some good snacks at the grocery store.  Cheetos, Doritos, Burritos, Taquitos – they all go in the cart. Second step, steal your parents’ NetFlix password. Third step, bring the TV and snacks into the bathroom, throw on your swimsuit, and jump in the tub. Spring break is really just snacks and the right state of mind.

JW: Whiskey. Lots of it. Warm yourself from the inside!  Save some cash for a summer getaway. Just watch Spring Breakers on repeat and enjoy the acting masterpiece of James Franco as “Alien.” Say it with me, Spraaahhnnnggg Brreeeeaaaahhhhkkkk 4 eva.

JT: Team up with friends and have a fun theme party. Campy outfits and naming cocktails makes everything seem more entertaining. Otherwise, if you’re busy saving money for next year, maybe spend the night at a friend’s house for different ambiance and watch a movie where someone is on an epic vacation and live through them?

Ever since my best friend graduated and moved away, I haven’t heard from her. I am starting to feel like our friendship is ending, so is it worth trying to fix it if she doesn’t answer my calls?

JR: In this day in age, it can be really hard to communicate with someone after they have moved. People rarely carry their phones, and even if they do, long distance charges can be outrageous. Don’t give up.

JW: Dump her, seriously. She’s friend cheating on you. Plus, much like a cult, we shun those that leave. Remember the rules.

JT: That’s a tough one if she’s not answering calls. Send them a card to reach out and let them know you’re thinking of them. They might be really busy or going through something. Just be there for them and see what happens.

My boyfriend’s parents are going to be visiting for a week, and I can’t stand them. How do I save face with my boyfriend without blowing up at all his parents’ rude comments and negativity?

JR: Let me just say, unlike his parents, you sound super sweet. And a sweet person like you should be able to keep their composure for one week in order to keep their boyfriend happy.

JW: Hire one of your friends to come and hang out for most of the week. Fit them with one of those Mission Impossible earbuds. When the parents get stupid, feed your friend lines that you would normally say, and let your bud take the heat. Simple and obvious.

JT: Write down pros and cons of your boyfriend’s parents. This way you’re getting everything out there on paper to vent, and also will think of the positive things to remind yourself that they can’t be that bad. Are they?

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