Earth Groans began as a solo project for frontman Jeremy Schaeffer, but over the past couple of years, it has slowly evolved into its current lineup, including Zach Mayfield on guitar, Brady Mueller on drums, and, most recently, Kaden Burton on bass. I recently had a chance to ask Jeremy a few questions during this exciting juncture for the hardcore/metal band, which recently released their album Renovate.

Thomas hentges: Was there a certain point where the band seemingly turned a corner, and you collectively felt you were on to something special?

jeremy schaeffer: When we found Kaden. The very first time we played with him was the tightest we ever sounded. It was about that time that we really started gaining a following, as well. People were beginning to come to shows to see specifically us.

TH: Outside of music, where else do you draw inspiration?

JS: God’s creation. Seeing passionate people with a calling following their dreams. When people are selfless, humble, and willing to help and serve those around them.

TH: Being a Christian band, do you feel Earth Groans has evangelical aspirations?

JS: We aren’t a preachy band by any means, but we do genuinely use music as vessel to minister. Every one of our songs is written from the standpoint of wanting to turn people towards God.

TH: How did the relationship with Solid State Records begin?

JS: I sent them a press packet on a complete whim. I spent weeks building a custom box. It was handmade from wood lathe, and contained our album, along with a number of items compiled together to be our physical press package. It turned out they already had their eye on us, so it was perfect timing. The day they received the package, they emailed me to arrange a phone call.

TH: You guys have built a reputation of being ‘”road dogs.” With your recent signing, do you see yourselves being on the road even more?

JS: Absolutely! Signing to Solid State is like the first big firework on the 4th of July. It’s big, unexpected, and satisfying, but it’s only going to get bigger and better from here on. We plan on touring as much as we humanly can without losing our jobs or our homes.

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The Bad Boys of Summer Tour
Minor Morals
Capitol Offense
Clock Strikes Midnight
June 3
Black Hills Vinyl (Rapid City)
7 P.M. |  All Ages | Donation

Nodes of Ranvier
Names Without Numbers
Work of Wolves
June 9
Icon Event Hall + Lounge (Sioux Falls)
8 p.m. | Adv $8 Door $10

BJ Barham (of American Aquarium)
June 11
Miner Brewing Company
(Hill City)
8:30 p.m. | Adv $15

Cody Jinks with Special Guest Ward Davis
June 14
The District (Sioux Falls)
7 p.m. | Adv $27

Cactus Blossoms with special guest Jack Klatt
June 16
Icon Event Hall + Lounge (Sioux Falls)
7 p.m. | Adv & Door $10

CFM with Special Guest The Cairo Gang
June 24
Total Drag (Sioux Falls)
7:00PM | Adv & Door $12

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