The latest trend in home décor is simplicity and a minimalist mindset. Photos on Instagram capture homes with décor that is clean cut, modern, and often in neutral colors. Tamara Dettler, owner of You’ve Been Framed in Sioux Falls, noticed this, and felt that it was something the city was missing and desperately needing.

You’ve Been Framed opened in Sioux Falls in 2004. Originally, Dettler thought about adding a second location for another YBF store, but Dettler loved the accent pieces she purchased from MOE’S for the lifestyle store, and was familiar with their Midcentury look. MOE’S has been a wholesaler for 25 years and is located out of Vancouver, British Columbia. The new MOE’S is the first licensee in the United States, with the first one ever in Victoria, British Columbia.

“We have been waiting a long time for Lake Lorraine to develop. We knew we wanted to be part of that lake, because there was talk of that back when we moved here in 2004. We have been waiting for Lake Lorraine to become our second location, and MOE’S was the perfect fit,” said Dettler.

When Dettler heard last summer that construction would begin in the Lake Lorraine area, she knew it was time to start collaborating so the store could be opened up as soon as possible. MOE’S will open in Lake Lorraine June 8 and have a grand opening celebration June 29 from 5-7 p.m. The store will start off located on the west side of Lake Lorraine, and then move to the Market Place, which is estimated to be completed in the fall of 2018.

MOE’S will offer furniture that’s modern, rustic, industrial, and Midcentury modern. Dettler says customers can mix all those styles without having to visit several stores to find the pieces they want to go together. Another bonus MOE’S will offer is selling pieces right off the floor. This means being able to take the furniture home that day versus having to wait for it to be shipped in to the store.

YBF store associate Paula Johnson is very excited about the new store opening, and says MOE’S furniture is hip and trendy and will be must-haves in people’s homes.

“Once they see these items, they’re going to be like, ‘I need to redecorate now,’” said Johnson.

Dettler says the MOE’S furniture is very affordable, but it is not low quality. She thinks it will fit in well with the popularity of loft living that has taken over downtown Sioux Falls, and the new lofts that will be located in Lake Lorraine.

“That whole development is just going to have that city vibe,” said Dettler. “It’s definitely going to be a destination when people come to town.

Something else Dettler says Sioux Falls has been missing is staging. Staging will be a big part of what MOE’S provides customers. The talented stagers will be able to stage customer’s homes, make recommendations, and help customers determine the look they want for their home.

Dettler isn’t nervous about the new store opening because she trusts the direction the store has gone and knows Sioux Falls is ready for this.

“They’re looking for the unique, they’re looking for the experience, and MOE’S is just going to be able to give them that experience,” said Dettler.

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  • Add a pop of color.
  • Mix in a variety of textures.
  • Natural elements add a nice touch.
  • A well-chosen rug is essential.
  • Choose something unexpected.
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