Isaac Show is the brainchild behind “dance party” band Later Babes and can also be seen creating films all over Sioux Falls and the world. Passionate about cats, pizza, beer, drones, and food in general, Show gives us a glimpse into some of his favorite daily activities.

The only way I can truly enjoy pizza for every meal of the day is to start with a pizza bagel from the best bagel spot ever [1] Bagel Boy.

I’ve always been a fan of Corey Gerlach’s roasts, and I could definitely tell the difference when he started roasting for himself with [2] The Breaks Coffee Roasting Co. Also, sharing a building with him makes my coffee addiction very real.

The thing I like about working with Brogan Costa at [3] Green Dream Screen Printing is that he will give you his opinion. This is great, because I believe in the great work that he does, and he is a great collaborator. You can find the shirts we printed this day at our June 17 gig (see end of article).

Believe it or not, every food item M.B. Haskett has pairs well with an Old Style in a can. And don’t forget to drink the coffee, as well…

There are only so many parks in town that you can drink at, so do your research and get your crew together. Ours is [4] Menlo Park. Game of choice = soccer tennis.

I always try to time my drinking with the schedule of the train to score those half-price beers at [5] Fernson Brewing Company on 8th Street.

The best part about living in the Midwest is having a [6] bon fire. You can literally burn anything here.

My version of a Midwest martini is a pickle beer at TommyJack’s Pub. You can go all out with tomato juice, pickles, and olives. But let’s be honest, the pickle is the all-star here.

In late night food do we trust. It is impossible for me to be out late in downtown Sioux Falls and not talk about getting a burrito smothered in hot sauce at Gilberto’s Mexican Taco Shop. It’s the best place to encounter a variety of like-minded individuals with the same idea.

Check out the Later Babes outdoor party at the Icon Event Hall + Lounge parking lot June 17 at 8 p.m. For more information, visit


I toured the country with STRFKR as their photo/video/social media dude.

This year I was flown to Ireland to fly drones.

I’m currently developing a Later Babes-inspired recipe with Fernson Brewing Company called Lager Babes.

As much as I post about cats, I am the only member of the band that doesn’t own a pet.

We’re currently working on the next We All Have Hooks For Hands record. (Our last release was Girls back in 2011.)


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