There are a few things that are sacred in the deep south. Bourbon, college football, and the sweet baby Jesus come to mind.

Maloney lives in Mississippi and he likes all these things. He also likes drugs and having sex with strangers behind the Waffle House.

Oh, and Maloney just happens to be a reverend.

He’s not a particularly good reverend. He lives on a boat and likes to light up a spliff in the confessional. He gets bullied by 12 year-olds and has sex dreams about the Holy Ghost. He has been in love with a girl named Tuesday for a while and his best friend is Eli.

If you tell Eli your birthday, he can tell you the day of the week you were born on. He’s also really good at chess, which Maloney takes advantage of. They travel around and enter chess tournaments. Eli wins and Maloney keeps the prize money.

Eli isn’t very smart. He’s just good at chess.

Maloney starts seeing a girl named Darling. She seems better than Tuesday because she loves him back. And then she gets pregnant.

But when Eli and Tuesday are kidnapped by the local pawn shop owner Dick Dickerson, Maloney springs into action to save the day. In the process of saving them however, he burns a subdivision down.

With the cops and a headhunter named Jack Cataract after them, Maloney, Darling, and Eli head to New York where it will take winning a real life chess match to get out of trouble.

What to Watch for in June

But What if We’re Wrong?
by Chuck Klosterman

We’re all pretty sure that we know the truth about a lot of things, but everyone also knows that 500 years ago people believed a bunch of stupid stuff that wasn’t true. Well, Chuck wants to imagine how our truths of today will be viewed in the future. I’m pretty sure we’re wrong about a lot of stuff



The Far Empty
by J. Todd Scott

In small-town Texas, 17 year-old Caleb’s mother went missing over a year ago and a guy

named Chris Cherry is the new deputy. When remains are found in the desert, the only suspect appears to be Caleb’s dad and Chris Cherry’s boss, the sheriff.



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