Who said stickers are just for kids? Bonzeye Studio owner Bonny Fleming recently started Black Hills Stickers to showcase popular spots for locals and tourists to collect, stick, and show off where they’ve visited in South Dakota.

Why did you decide to venture into stickers?

Bonny Fleming: The stickers actually started because I got a button maker. I had a blast coming up with new designs for buttons, and a few of those designs proved popular enough to make the move from button to sticker. I sincerely love the Black Hills, and this road has given me the true pleasure of having a place to celebrate the area. It’s been fun to switch from designing for myself to designing for clients.

How do you choose your designs? How frequently do new designs get released?

BF: I’m passionate about the area, and living here so long has given me the advantage of knowing where most of the sweet spots are. I’ve taken to using the term “hyper-local,” and these products are targeted towards people who grew up here, and people who hold a special place in their heart for our area’s treasured locations. I’m always designing new stickers. I have a backlog of about a dozen or so waiting to get printed.

Are these designs only on stickers, or are they featured on other items?

BF: I’m experimenting with lots of different ways to showcase the designs. I have patches and hats, and even one little lapel pin. One of the newest developments is collaborating with my friend, Erica Merchant, to get into t-shirt production. I’ve already made a few awesome tank tops and t-shirts with the hopes of getting many more rolling soon.

Where do you recommend putting the stickers?

BF: I’m only printing durable vinyl stickers, so they can pretty much go anywhere. They’re made to take the abuses of adventure and weather. I’ve had lots of people buy them for their kayaks or boats, but they’re mostly going on cars and water bottles.

Why are these fun for travelers?

BF: I had one family come in – a mom, dad, and two teenage daughters. The girls saw the “Hippy Hole” sticker and asked what it was all about. I told them it was a local swimming hole, and they freaked out. The girls were thrilled and preemptively bought the stickers. The family returned a few days later and told me it was the highlight of their visit to the Black Hills. They thanked me and bought a bunch more stickers to share with friends and family when they got home. It’s my goal to create stickers for all the unique areas here in order to simultaneously inspire people to explore, and provide them with a locally inspired, totally unique trinket that reminds them of their trip.

For more information, and to purchase stickers, visit blackhillsstickers.com.

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