Yes, there are two people in this month’s Hang Out article. Why? The power duo are the latest additions to the 605 Magazine team. Editorial assistant Kyle Determan and account manager Taylor Hanson are passionate about the outdoors, South Dakota, and (most importantly) food. See a glimpse into what they’re doing when they’re not meeting deadlines and telling the stories behind our state.


I spend most of my summer outdoors and traveling around the state. I own three lime-green kayaks [1] and love to trek down the Sioux River or Split Rock Creek. When I am not floating down the river, I can be found hiking around Great Bear or Palisades State Park in Garretson.

This past year I became a member at the Washington Pavilion, and it has been so much fun going to see new art and science exhibits. I also like walking around the Old Courthouse Museum and learning about South Dakota history.

If I had to choose a restaurant to eat at every day, it would be Lam’s Vietnamese Restaurant [2]. They have the best spring rolls around town, and I love trying different plates.

My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is check out an antique shop and find something unique to buy. I recently started collecting vintage cameras [3] and using them for decoration. Fun Fact: I toured the house of George Eastman, who invented Kodak.

I love everything about traveling. From a small day trip in South Dakota to across the U.S. to international trips. Someday I would love to own a tiny home and travel across the states with my white labrador, Avery.


The craziest thing I have done is skydive on my 25th birthday.

I’m a huge South Dakota State University fan – go Jacks!

I can’t live without chapstick and Diet Coke.

Taylor Hanson



I love shopping at MODStash [4]. It’s the perfect size to not be overwhelmed with all of the vintage clothes and home décor, and I can see everything they have to offer. They also have guys’ clothes, which is a nice change of pace.

When I’m not looking for my next vintage vest, you can find my husband and me chowing down at Bagel Boy [5]. We are suckers for the Breakfast Boy sandwiches, as well as their Monster Cookies. I’m never not in the mood for a good bagel.

When there isn’t a foot of snow on the ground, I love walking around the bike trails. I’ve grown up in Sioux Falls, and I’m still finding places or paths I’ve never seen. It’s incredible how much beauty there is hidden in the middle of the city.

I love meeting my friends at Billy Frogs for karaoke. Even if we don’t get up and belt Spice Girls, I’m never disappointed with other people’s performances. And the service is always spot on.

Any other time of the day, you can find me at my computer ogling over old pets at the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society [6]. Not only is the website always open on my computer, I may or may not have their phone number memorized. I’m obsessed with old dogs, so keep me in mind if you see one!

Random Facts:

I had 500 FlyBoy donuts at my wedding.

Boy band Christmas albums make me weep.

Kyle Determan



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