Every time I get drunk, I turn into a “woo” girl. I embarrass my friends and myself by my obnoxious behavior. How can I change the type of drunk I am?

JR: Just stop wooing and start screaming, “I love this song,” every time the DJ starts playing something. Proceed to dance, even if no one else is. People love that!

JW: I was going to say drink less, but have you thought about maybe drinking less? Kidding. In my honest opinion, try drinking less.

JT: How often is this happening? If it’s once a year or every six months I wouldn’t be too worried about it, but if you’re that person every time you hang out with your friends, maybe you should have a cut-off for drinks. Try meeting for coffee instead? If you turn into a “woo” girl still, I wouldn’t even be mad, I’d be impressed.

I love my friend to death, but her persona on social media drives me insane. The constant inspirational quotes, the marathon training photos, her meal prepping… Is it wrong to “hide” her from my newsfeed? I’m scared she’ll find out.

JR: I hide almost everyone. The only profile I can see is my mom’s, because she tags me in son memes. My last “I love my son” post got 11 likes. I think I’m close to going viral.

JW: Please do. These people are the scourge of the earth. They are overcompensating for something, and until we find out what it is, let’s reasonably assume it’s probably abusing puppies. Yes, I went there. Don’t just hide, de-friend.

JT: Hiding, or “taking a break,” is so easy now on social media, they’ll never know. You could also just scroll by it. If meal prepping and working out is the worst thing, I think you’ll be okay.

This couple I know are awesome people. The only thing is that they have an open marriage, and the last time we hung out, I got vibes they were hitting on me. How do I stay friends with them without it getting… next level?

JR: Super jealous of this problem. I guess the only thing I can think of is to avoid hot tubs. Once you enter that water, there’s no turning back.

JW: Are they hot? I mean.. Wait.. are they hot?

JT: You could be reading into it. I would just act normal and see if you get any more signs. If something does happen, just simply tell them you’re flattered, but you don’t want to mess with your friendship.

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