Hailed as number one in the state by craftbeer.com three years in a row, Independent Ale House is a must-stop in downtown Rapid City. With 40 taps that rotate, bottle options, an extensive wine list, and specialty pizzas, the local favorite is adding even more features in April. Try making their Dub’s Thai Pizza, and try (if you dare) to create the Fun with Framboise.

Fun with Framboise


Favorite flavor of Lambic

Favorite dark beer to pair with fruity flavors

Pint glass


Fill pint glass nearly to top with room for Framboise.

Start out small, taste, and add more with your discretion.

Blend to taste, and remember less is more.

Justin Henrichsen

“My inspiration behind the beer recipe is that I have found it convenient to pour a great beer into a glass, usually with a nice sized hole on the top, that officially comes out of a bottle into the glass.”

Dub’s Thai Pizza


Pizza dough

4 Tbsp. Peanut sauce

4 Oz. Indy cheese blend


Bag Baby spinach

Shredded coconut


2 Tblsp. Red onion


Garam Masala spice

Baking stone


Preheat oven to 500 degrees.

Open pizza dough and stretch out onto cooking sheet dusted with cornmeal.

Chop red onion and set aside two tablespoons full (you’ll have extra).

Pour peanut sauce onto dough and spread evenly.

Add a pinch of garlic and add cheese and vegetables at your discretion and the two tablespoons of onion.

Place on baking stone and set timer for 15 minutes

Rodney Hemmingson

Executive Chef

“I think of an ingredient and build off of that. Like right now we have the Crab King, which is a crab rangoon pizza.”

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