Briana Burgers originally set out to build her own brand of group fitness. Within a few short years, b.well brookings has become a connected fitness community welcome to all levels.

The business started from a love of team energy. Burgers, who studied dietetics at South Dakota State University and spent most of her life playing sports, thrived on the support of group workouts. When the chance to establish her own fitness studio presented itself, she jumped into the challenge.

“I was teaching group fitness, and our class sizes just started to grow and grow,” recalled Burgers. “I had such a strong community and was faced with a decision to take a plunge and try and break away and develop my own brand.”

b.well has called 6th Street home since November, but the young business has outgrown two Brookings locations since opening the doors to its original 750 square-feet space in 2014. Now, b.well’s team has 7,000 square feet to work with.

“I keep getting faced with the decision of, ‘Do you want to continue to grow b.well, or do you want it to stay the size that it is?’ I keep choosing grow,” she said. “You just hope that, in the long run, it’s going to result in more positive than negative outcomes.”

With the fast success, Burgers prevented growing pains by looking to her dedicated members when expanding her team of now approximately 11 instructors.

“I called upon my members that rarely missed classes, and know my class formats and styles so well that I saw potential within them to be a class leader,” said Burgers. “We have a great team, and honestly, that’s what’s made b.well what it is today – the instructors and their passion and ability to deliver unique classes every single time.”

It’s more than a workout for so many of us.

Instructors specialize in a variety of fitness classes for all levels to enjoy. b.well proudly offers its own brand of themed classes, such as b.strong, b.barre and

“What’s nice is that there’s modifications to every single movement, every exercise, every workout, so any level can come in and complete the class,” she said. “We do truly have all fitness levels and ages.”

While her studio classes are full of satisfied members, Burgers also gives anyone with internet access to b.well’s workouts. On-Demand memberships were born after residents of Burgers’ hometown reached out to her, wishing they could attend classes. With access to seven new workouts weekly, online memberships have become a solution for hundreds.

“I started recording my classes and putting them on YouTube and got such a large following that I decided to convert that content over to my website,” she explained. “There’s more On-Demand viewers than there are in our studio. Viewers range all the way from here in South Dakota, like Brookings people who prefer to work out at home versus in the studio, and then I have members in Japan. With the internet, people can find you anywhere.”

Although b.well has enjoyed success with transitions so far, Burgers isn’t rushing to outgrow another location. She’s enjoying the ride and letting fate, along with b.well members, lead the way.

“Every move that we’ve made has turned out to be beneficial, and we keep growing. I’m just taking it in stride and letting b.well and its members dictate the future and everything that’s ahead. It’s been so much fun, and that’s the most important thing.”

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