Records. Vinyl. Disco plates. Whatever you call them, chances are you or someone you know has a collection they are proud of. In the last couple of years, vinyl records have made a comeback with the younger generations. People have rediscovered the magic of record players, side A and side B, and the glorious sound only vinyl can create. With popularity rapidly growing, appreciation needed to be taken to a national lever. Enter: Record Store Day (RSD). Started in 2007, RSD celebrates the culture of independently owned record stores. Businesses use this day to honor their products, as well as releases new vinyl, host live musicians, and celebrate their customers.

This year, RSD will be held on April 21. Total Drag, Last Stop CD Shop, Ernie November, and Black Hills Vinyl are just a few of the local stores observing RSD in their own, groovy ways.

Total Drag will be offering an exclusive t-shirt design by Green Dream Screen Printing, as well as an espresso bar from The Breaks Coffee Roasting Co. In addition to free pizza and a free bottle (for the first 24 customers) of “Lo-Fi” hot sauce from Dagger & Arrow, Total Drag will also have a multitude of live performances throughout the day.

“It’s by far our busiest and most fun day of the year! It’s always just a great time to brin people together to share their love of music and vinyl,” said Total Drag owner Dan Nissen.

Last Stop CD Shop will hold their celebration at their 10th Street location, starting the day with free Flyboy Donuts and coffee. With three different live music performances, Last Stop will also be hosting Harry’s Yellow Submarine food truck to keep customers full and wanting more.

Ernie November will have an exclusive 10 percent off special releases for discount club members, with 10 percent all other records for non-discount club members.

Black Hills Vinyl will open earlier than normal, where people can find their special releases on their main wall for easy shopping. Along with their own sales, Black Hills Vinyl will hold drawings for official RSD prizes and merchandise.

“Last year we were open from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. and there was exactly five minutes with no customers in the store,” reminisced Michael and Jennifer Calabrese from Black Hills Vinyl.

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Their Greatest Hits – Eagles
Rumours – Fleetwood Mac
The Bodyguard – Whitney Houston
Back in Black – AC/DC


Rock – 37%
Pop – 30%
Country – 23%
R&B / Rap – 10%

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