Ryan Egan’s home is filled with large, colorful balloons. Balloons within balloons sit on the bannister, a festive balloon garland he made for his wife’s birthday lays across the piano, and confetti-filled balloons rest in the corner of the living room. He currently runs his side business, Queen City Balloon Bar, out of his home in Sioux Falls with wife, Christine. Someday the business may move into a permanent store location, but for now, Ryan is content with completing balloon orders at his house.

Ryan had a hobby of designing balloon bouquets and giving them to his friends when he was in high school and college. He is formerly a graphic designer, which gave him the eye he has for design. He began receiving requests from friends for balloon décor for their children’s birthday parties, and the requests increased from friends telling friends, who then told more friends.

Because it was something he enjoyed doing and he was busy completing many orders, Ryan and Christine decided to open the business three years ago. Since then, they have gained a large following on Instagram and Facebook of people admiring the unique balloons they create for customers. The Instagram account shows off the high-end creations, which give customers ideas when contacting Queen City via the website or Facebook.

“We want to transcend the trend and make it look its best.”

“We’re very interested in design, and we try hard to make things look cohesive. We add little touches to match the color scheme,” said Ryan.

Ryan says providing excellent customer service is essential. As far as the balloons go, they focus on style, not trends. They like to do classy, creative, and whimsical designs with interesting color combinations. Creating elegant balloon décor that is customized to their customer’s needs is their goal.

Queen City Balloon Bar is able to do a variety of arrangements and can special order products if needed. The standard balloon size they use is a size of 16 inches, which is larger, but lasts longer. The bigger balloons are also a signature part of the business, and Ryan says customers love the variety of large sizes available.

Balloon designs include confetti, glitter, mirror orbs, marble, a “peacock” print, and many more. Tulle and satin ribbons can be added as well. They can even do different shapes, like cubes. Ryan then combines these balloons into bouquets and asymmetrical garlands, collages, and installations.

“The life progression of our customers is cool to see, from weddings to baby showers to first birthdays to eventually graduations,” said Ryan. “One of the things we love is celebrating people’s life events with them and getting to be a part of it.”

Queen City Balloon Bar also enjoys collaborating with businesses to create beautiful balloon concepts. One collaboration done recently was with Girl Friday of Minneapolis for the Sioux City Art Center, where more than 30,000 white balloons of various sizes were designed into an installation piece. Ryan says while it was a huge undertaking, it was one of his favorite projects to work on.   

“We are about style and service.”

Because the focus is on creating elegant balloons, Ryan hopes to encourage customers to enjoy the balloons for longer than the day of the special occasion.

Christine says that a gift of balloons is like flowers; they are beautiful and can be enjoyed for a while, but are disposable so they don’t add permanent clutter to your home.

“Balloons are delightful, especially when you see the different types. They’re fun and there’s different sizes and designs,” said Ryan. “Balloons are a joyful thing that’s either stuck with you from childhood or they become joyful again when you rediscover them.”

For more information, visit queencityballoons.com.


  • Prices range from $3.95-$26.99+ per balloon
  • Inquire for pricing on balloon garlands/installations
  • Various colors, sizes, and shapes available
  • Balloons can be delivered or picked up by appointment
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