They say your attitude is a direct representation of your space, so why not start where you kick off your day? Local designers took us into their favorite rooms to give 605 the tricks of the trade to making each space unique.

Lynn Vander Stouwe, an interior designer at Simply Perfect, turned to a client’s home to find her favorite cozy spot.

“The way the sunlight streams in through the windows, and the fact that it is tucked away from the kitchen, make it the perfect spot to relax.”

The focal point of the room, and a family favorite, are the two chairs in each corner. Not only are they great for reflection and devotion, but Finley, the family pup, feels right at home in the oversized seats.

“The chairs are long enough for the kids to spread out their homework, but still be comfortable.”

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Design House owner and designer Megan Peterson took us through a polished project and personal favorite: her kitchen.

“I love that it’s formal and casual at the same time. We can host a formal Thanksgiving, and then host a Super Bowl party with crockpots out.”

Working with the cabinet company, Peterson was able to build a space for everything in her kitchen, including her one-of-a-kind island.

“I found this 129-inch marble slab, which never happens, and the day we brought it in was so nerve wracking because I knew there was nothing else like it.”

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Owner of Stick and Steel Terri Schuver invited us into her home to relish in her “happy place.”

“I love this room. I can work and still enjoy it. I can look at the artwork, have the fireplace on, and still work. It’s really comfortable.”

Speaking of art, Schuver directed us to her wall of unique pieces, decorated with art collected over 20 years of travel and adventure.

“My Sheila Agee piece is my favorite. She used to work at the Washington Pavilion as well as in a group called the Hilltop Painters. She is a very accomplished artist, and I just love it.”

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Starmark Cabinetry designer Mary Schubert didn’t have to travel far to find her favorite room. Between the freshly baked cupcakes and the 1950s kitchen gear, we could see why.

“This is my gathering space. I love to bake; it’s my downtime. And the Moscato Cupcakes I’ve baked for my daughter definitely don’t hurt, either.”

Specializing in cabinets, it wasn’t surprising to see a unique mix of colors in the woods, which happen to be Schubert’s pride and joy.

“I love these cabinets and this space. This is where my eclectic personality shines through. You’ve got the wine and my grandbabies handing out; it’s just great.”

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