Sara Jamison of Sioux Falls dreamt of starting a business a few years ago, but it wasn’t until August of 2018 that she took the leap to begin working towards opening her very own store.

“I actually really love the retail industry—no two days are the same. It challenges me to be both creative and analytical, and it provides incredible opportunities to connect with people every day,” said Jamison. 

Terra Shepherd Boutique & Apothecary is officially opening its doors April 29, and will include fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products “that are good for you, the environment, and the people that produce them.” Jamison says she saw the opportunity to challenge the “unprecedented level of consumption in the retail industry,” and it’s a challenge she was excited to take on. 

“I started by sourcing fair-trade garments designed to last, limiting single-use plastics in my product selection, and focusing on sustainability in every aspect of how I have decided to do business,” she said. 

These products are not only meant to help the environment, but the clientele, as well.

“swap out one single-use item that you use daily with a reusable alternative. use reusable facial rounds instead of cotton balls, or try wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets.”

“I wanted to carry products designed to be used in our everyday lives that enhance the quality of life of the user and the maker, while having a minimal impact on our environment,” she said. “In sourcing products for the store, transparency has been key. I have partnered with brands and makers who are incredibly open about where their products are made, production methods, ingredients, the origin of materials used, and wages of employees.” 

Jamison’s values are a huge and imperative part of her business. 

“A Terra Shepherd product is one that is environmentally sustainable and demands for quality in the life of the person who made the product without sacrificing style and quality,” she said. 

Jamison says not knowing the background of what consumers purchase could be problematic in more ways than they know. 

“Many of the products we use on a daily basis contain ingredients banned in many countries, and a majority of the clothing available in retail stores is made in countries without minimum wage or worker safety requirements,” she said. 


» We are not alone in this thing called life. Our relationships with other people and the earth matter.

» Change doesn’t happen overnight, and it isn’t an “all or nothing” deal.

Think, “What can I do to make the world a better place?” Tackle this before worrying about others’ actions. As Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” 

Perfection isn’t a reality. Mistakes are made. All we can do is continue to learn and grow.


The Terra Shepherd brand is based on the idea that small changes matter, and that style and quality don’t have to be sacrificed to purchase sustainable goods. New to these types of products and eco-living? Jamison invites patrons to ease their way one step at a time. 

“Very few people have the ability or means to completely change the way they buy and live their life.” She continued, “It’s my hope that by emphasizing small changes, it’s a little easier for people to dip their toe into the idea of living a more sustainable lifestyle.” 

One way they can do that is in the fashion spectrum, or clients can shop the apothecary portion of the business, which provides natural, herbal remedies in the form of tinctures, salves, creams, sprays, syrups, and teas that may replace chemical versions of many of daily products. 

An apothecary, says Jamison, focuses on the healing power of plants as well as wellness and prevention. 

The store, which is located on Phillips Avenue in the former A League of Your Own location, will have most of Terra Shepherd’s inventory, while the website will carry certain products to complement the store and brand. 

“I’m excited to have a space for customers to visit and fully experience the products,” said Jamison, who until recently did pop-up shops to prep for the space. “The energy in downtown Sioux Falls is electric, and I’m thrilled to be part of the neighborhood.” 

One product that Jamison uses constantly is the deodorant. 

“I’m obsessed with Little Seed Farm’s Activated Charcoal deodorant,” she said. “It’s completely chemical free, smells lovely, and it works.” 

Terra Shepherd’s brick-and-mortar will strive to create an environment that invites visitors to look, touch, smell, and ask questions. 

“Visitors can expect a mixture of elements in the interior: wood, stone, metal, greenery,” said Jamison. “It will definitely be a light, airy feeling. 


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