When 605’s director of sales and marketing John Snyder first started shooting with a film camera, he knew it was something he would quickly become passionate about. What he didn’t know was that one year later he would have an exhibit in downtown Sioux Falls.

“The name of the exhibit is Developing Story: A Yearlong Film Record of Traveling with 605 Magazine,” explained Snyder. “The photos will range from landscape and portraiture to more journalistic images.”

Taking place at the Sioux Falls Art Council, this gallery will explore the beauty of black and white film photography, focusing on the intricacies of traditional darkroom techniques.
“The final pieces were created using dodging and burning, colored filters to adjust contrasts and chemical adjustments,” said Snyder. “Using silver gelatin paper also allowed me to highlight the smooth analog tonal curves and moody grains of black and white 120 film.”

Snyder is excited about shining a light on the medium of film photography, but says a few pieces in particular will stand out.

“Both of these photos were almost not taken in the first place. One is of a bench in Aberdeen and the other is an instructor consoling a young student during a swimming lesson,” said Snyder. “The bench was just starting to emerge from a snow mound, and the extreme contrast is breathtaking. As for the image of the child, capturing such a great split second was incredible.”

Check out Snyder’s opening reception on Friday, September 6 at 6 p.m.


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