Alexander Kriech says he’s always been drawn to the paranormal, spiritual, and the metaphysical. He buried himself in books at the local library about UFOs, ghosts, and afterlife experiences.

Then, while a student at Iowa State University, Kriech says he had gone through life changes that made him evaluate the world around him. 

He recalled, “I had just come out as gay and was also an ex-Luthern at that time as well. I was very depressed and was tremendously anxious and had no idea what I wanted to do. The whole world had just opened up as to what do I believe now?”

That’s when he discovered Numerology in an online psychic forum. According to the dictionary, Numerology is “the branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers.” In this circumstance, it’s using a person’s full name and the numbers of their birthdate for a reading.

Kriech found Dr. Lauren Cielo of Golden Rose Psychic Services during that same search and booked a full reading with her. 

“Just based on just my birthdate and my full birth name she told me so many specific things about me, and this is before social media was really big. I knew I had to learn this,” he said. 

He got right to it and took classes. Kriech started doing readings for family and friends and then started doing it professionally in 2014. Now he’s also a psychic medium and a reiki healer working with clients in Sioux Falls at his office in 8th & Railroad and all over the world via phone and video Distant Sessions.

WHAT: 10th Annual Holistic Health & Spirituality Fair // Speakers and over 70 are vendors and practitioners (includes psychic and intuitive readers, meditation, yoga, life coaches, aromatherapy, jewelry, and more).

WHERE: Denny Sanford Premier Center // Sioux Falls

WHEN: October 5 // 9:30 a.m.

Each service he provides is different but all has to do with spirituality and energy.

“[For Numerology], I take your full name at birth and your birthday and I break it down to very simple addition that gets you these certain numbers, so if we add your birthday across you chat about what that number means,” he described. “I talk about what that number means, your talents and abilities, why you’re here, what your path is, what your strengths are, what’s coming up for you, that sort of thing.” 

On the psychic side, Kriech says people typically ask what’s coming up in their life or career. 

“i’ll say i have their uncle and they’ll tell me they want to talk to their mom, and i can’t control that. you can’t pick.”

“Typically I always start with what’s called a ‘Rose Reading,’” he said. “I see your energy as a rose metaphorically and I just start talking. For example, ‘Your rose looks purple,’ or, ‘Your rose looks very sad.’ Usually if I’m seeing something it’s why they’re here. And then I start reading their aura. The first layer of your aura is how you present yourself to the world and it contains general information about you.” 

Along with the aura, Rose Readings also use energy like chakras and the physical body to read the client.

“I was reading this guy and he had red and blue [aura], and for some reason red felt like daredevil energy because it’s more physical and the blue felt more nurturing,” he said. “It turns out he’s a skateboarder and he does daycare for his job, so sometimes it’s very literal.” 

Kriech also has clients who want to talk to someone “on the other side,” so he provides Clairvoyant Readings to “deliver messages to you from [the] Spirit.”

“Sometimes I will feel an energy come in the middle of a reading and I can tell it’s someone who passed over. I’ll sense male or female, which side of the family they come from,” he said. “A lot of it is translating visual cues.” 

Kriech teaches workshops and Psychic Development classes, and one of his sessions with a student really stood out. 

“[The student and I] were practicing mediumship, and I saw this woman in my mind and I saw this old-looking dress in early 1900s or the Victorian era. I saw a bunch of children crawling all over her and I saw these books and her writing; teaching and education was important to her,” he recalled. “I also saw a vivid image of a rose garden.” 

He continued, “My student told me that it was her great grandmother who loved her rose garden and published books in three languages, was a teacher, and had four children and adopted her husband’s children. It’s great when you have that validation.” 

Sometimes it can almost be overwhelming during a reading. 

“My palms can get sweaty, but for the most part I get really emotional at times,” he said. “When a family member comes in, it will plug into my heart chakra and I’ll get really emotional. It’s so hard to even describe, it’s a huge feeling of love.” 

And last, but not least, he provides Reiki Healing, which is “a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.”


“I don’t actually touch the person,” Kriech said. “It sounds weird, but I focus on channeling this energy called reiki into my body and out through my hands. That’s one of the few metaphysical tools where there is science backing it up for helping physical pain and stress and anxiety.” 

At the beginning of the session, Kriech will “set the intention” of the healing. This can be anything from a sports accident to an emotional pain. 

“I’ve had people going through a breakup who feel horrible, so we reset their energetic system,” he said. “Or I’ve had someone going through childhood trauma and I’ll set the intention.” 

Even Kriech is affected during the Reiki Healing. 

“I let it flow through me. I’m receiving the energy as well, so I’ll feel really relaxed and kind of high afterward,” he described. 

While Kriech is constantly feeling energies around him, he says he can turn it off outside of the office. 

“everyone has some sort of innate psychic sense that they’re strong with. I think psychic stuff is definitely for everyone and anyone can cultivate it. i just happen to be super into it and that’s why i went into this sort of route.”

“I don’t walk around like the Long Island Medium and have a message for people in a grocery store,” he said. “I have to be focused and in the zone, because when I do a reading I have to be in a meditative state. I have to be really neutral. It’s weird because when I start connecting emotionally with my client that’s when I lose my neutrality and it’s hard for me to read them.” 

But he will do a Numerology reading from time to time with friends at the bar. 

“There are many dates sprawled on a bar napkin,” he laughed. 

Potential clients can book an appointment online. Follow the Alexander Kriech Intuitive Facebook page for workshops, like the recent “Untangling Yourself from Your Ex: An Online Workshop,” or for monthly meditations (usually over a full moon) at Kosha Yoga School. 

“That’s a way to get introduced to my style,” he said. 

Kriech is also one of the speakers at the 10th Annual Holistic Health & Spirituality Fair on October 5 at the Denny Sanford Premier Center.


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