Joshua’s Coffee House is a missional brew. 

Owners David and Victoria Obenauer wanted to create a peaceful atmosphere that “encourages simplicity and renews relationships.”

“Our whole concept is to provide a service to the community and to be here for them and help them with their needs,” said Victoria. “Maybe they want to study, maybe they want to get together with a friend or relative. It’s getting back to communicating. We’re so busy in life, and to take the time to just relax means a lot.” 

And relaxing it is. The piano music is met with smells from the floral shop next door, and the space in the historic John Mundt building has been restored with warm wood and modern light fixtures. 

The newer local business in downtown Hartford is also best known for its inventive drinks, says Victoria. 

“We’re known for our specialty lattes,” she said. “The fall lattes have been a big hit, like the Pumpkin Spice and the Pumpkin Chai Latte.” 

The company is also known for its paninis.


+ Pumpkin Spice
+ Spiced Orange
+ Caramel Apple Steamer

+ Cafe Miel
+ Hazelnut
+ Mocha

+ Steamer
+ Hot Chocolate
+ Espresso Milkshake

+ Drip
+ Breve
+ Americano

+ Panini w/ Chips or Soup
+ Breakfast Croissant

+ Cakes
+ Cookies
+ Muffins

“[Customers] really love the Turkey Pesto and the Turkey Bacon Chipotle [paninis],” said Victoria. “We make them fresh every day and also offer Ham and Cheese and Grilled Cheese.” 

Joshua’s Coffee House tries to “go the extra mile” with fresh ingredients. 

“The products are made with very good quality ingredients, which may set us apart from the other person,” said Victoria. “We want to be very fussy, if you will, when it comes to the finished product getting to the customer.” 

Especially with the frigid temps, it’s not a bad idea for patrons to pair the sandwich with the soup du jour. 

“There is a different soup each day,” she explained. “We’ve done a Tomato Basil, a California Medley, a Chili, Chicken Wild Rice, and Cream of Potato.

The coffee shop also has breakfast items, like the Breakfast Croissant or scones (Blueberry, Cranberry, and Apple Cinnamon). Victoria says baked goods are a hit with the community. 

“Joshua’s has homemade granola bars, muffins, cookies, and cakes. For cakes we’ve had a Lemon Cake and occasionally have a Banana Chocolate Swirl Cake,” she said.

The business offers Coffea coffee, which is a local favorite, but was not the favorite of the late Joshua (who disliked coffee in general). Victoria and David’s 22-year-old son passed away in 2012 from a site accident while cleaning windows for their other family business, High Rise of Sioux Falls Inc. The coffee shop was named in memory of their son. 

If you want to raise a glass to his memory, order Joshua’s favorite—a Hot Chocolate.

An additional homage to the Obenauers’ son is the courtyard and garden, which Victoria says offers another way to unwind and chat (or not talk at all). 

“The courtyard is a little cold now, but in the spring and summer there is a waterfall, a fireplace, bistro lights, and over 150 plants,” she said. “It’s very beautiful.”



Monday // 7 p.m. // The Arrow Club (Youth Group)
// 7 p.m. // Corporate Prayer
Thursday // 7 p.m. // Bible Study
Sunday // 10 a.m. // Church Service

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