Curt Johnson has worked at Showplace Cabinetry for more than 15 years. The sales designer of the 100-percent employee-owned cabinet brand has helped clients come up with their dream scenarios daily, and Johnson has also taken his passion for home projects into his 1982 two-story in southeastern Sioux Falls. 605 chatted with him on working in the showroom, working at home, and what he’s doing when he’s not renovating a room.

5 Random Facts 

+ We like old lady names for pets. Gertrude was our last cat, and our cat now is Georgina. We just call her GG.

+  If I watch TV I’m a documentary nerd, and I despise reality TV.

+ I ran a few races last year, and I plan to do more.

+ I recently discovered Oshima’s Sushi Japanese Cuisine and ROAM Kitchen & Bar. All awesome food!

+ I’ve been following the band Sugar Daddy and went to six of their shows in the last few months.

Showing His Work

Showplace primarily works with remodels, and we also get referrals from contractors and interior designers, too. There’s a large-screen monitor, and I’m typically sitting with clients at the island desk and drawing out plans. They want to see what it looks like, if they want the fridge here or there, and then I can just pop things up so they can visualize why they like or dislike something. It really builds the relationship with them and gives them so much say, which I also appreciate. And I’m super honest with them, too.

Remodels and Home Projects

This is our third home, and we did a lot of work to it. It took three months, and we hammered it out. We didn’t live in it, we lived with the in-laws because our house down the block sold right away, which was a good thing, and we didn’t want to live through the mess. The last two houses we did room by room. I guess that’s my hobby. I don’t bowl, hunt, or fish. I love a house project. Most people think nothing is worse than having to paint, but you’re still home with your family (wife Anna, daughters Riley and Ellie), and it’s still alone time since they avoid you because they don’t want to help.

Hosts with the Most

We love to host a lot. Our friends come over and we hang out on the deck in the backyard when it’s nice out, or sit by the firepit, or play Hammerschlagen. Hammerschlagen involves a [tree] stump, and you take a nail and tap it in there and each person gets one hit at it. The first one to finish the nail all the way wins. And, of course, you drink beers in between.

Remotely Working

Now with the pandemic, I’m working from home more often, obviously. I oddly find I get a lot more work done. The showroom is great, but I tend to gab a little bit with my coworkers and clients. My desk is an old display from the showroom. The room gets a lot of nice light and is peaceful.

Commitment to Fitness

I go to the Avera McKennan Fitness Center five to seven days a week. As of today, I’m down 43 pounds since January last year. I really enjoy it. This is all thanks to my wife and her support, my really good buddy, Dan Lunder, and the fitness staff. Also, it’s right down the street, which is amazing. It’s the driving force for when the house projects are done; it’s something to do and it’s fun.

Volley Around

We started a co-ed volleyball team for the heck of it last year. It’s all old neighborhood couples. It’s a nice summertime thing to do.

On the Trail

Dan Lunder and I also do the loop of the bike trails all of the time. We challenge each other, and that’s the motivation. I tried to bike with the wife and kids, but they’re not at our pace.

Working on His Game

I started golfing last year. We’ve done a lot of GreatLIFE courses and frequent the town parks like in Hartford, Madison, and Beresford. I’m going to start taking lessons. I just love being outside, and it’s good, clean fun. I’ve realized it’s definitely a lifelong sport that takes a lot to master. My wife and I do it together and are going to try to get more golf in this summer.

A Walk in the (Dog) Park

You can find me walking our rescue dog, Addie, through Tuthill neighborhoods and the dog park at Spencer Park. She loves to run and play too much. She gets on top of the other dogs and wants to be king of the castle.

Going Home

We love going back to my hometown of Madison to visit the family farm. My dad is 93 and my mom is in her 70s, and they moved to town a few c years ago. My little brother and his wife took over the family farm five or six years ago. We almost bought a lake cabin last year and it didn’t work out, which is kind of a good thing because it flooded this last fall. But we
have some friends with a cabin up there and we know a lot of people. It’s nice running into old friends there. My wife is from Sioux Falls, so there, it’s another group of friends and also family stuff.

605 Travels

We don’t travel far, really. We’re always in the South Dakota area doing something. Our family loves the Black Hills, and we went snowmobiling not too long ago. We’ve done four-wheeling and absolutely loved doing that on the trails in the Hills.

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