Founded by Angela ZonunpariNo Business Magazine focuses on art and culture. Zonunpari and her team self-published Identity, the first issue of the magazine,in June 2019. And this month, 150 copies of Power Colors will be released. The magazine had a successful Kickstarter campaign, earning more than $2,700 for the newest edition. One hundred copies will be mailed out, and the remaining 50 are expected to be for sale on the No Business Magazine website by the end of July. When she isn’t working as editor-in-chief of the publication, Zonunpari works from Sioux Falls with Fresh Produce and Ipso Gallery as a writer and public relations.

Zonunpari opens up about her life outside of the magazine and Fresh Produce, expanding on her love of art, her neighborhood, and more.

Art Affects

Being an arts writer, partner to artist Eli Show, and a writer at Fresh Produce and Ipso Gallery, I’ve had the opportunity to immerse myself as best I can in the local arts community. Our family of three frequents art openings and First Fridays at Ipso Gallery, the Visual Arts Center at the Washington PavilionSioux Falls Arts CouncilThird Eye Gallery at Vishnu Bunny Tattoo & Piercing, and Post Pilgrim Gallery, to name a few.

Personal Gallery

We enjoy collecting art, and the last few years of being a part of Ipso Gallery has allowed me to connect with a lot of artists. So you’ll see a lot of different artworks around our house with the purpose of sharing artists we love with the people who come into our space. I have a good story about each piece we’ve collected and the relationships we’ve built from it. Some of our favorites are from Amy JardingPeter ReichardtMark Stemwedel, Sarah CherringtonChris Bostwick, and Erin Lynn Smith.

5 Random Facts 

+ We moved to Sioux Falls three and a half years ago. Before that, we lived in New York for three years, and then before that I lived in India for 24 years. It’s been a journey—and a good one.

+ I’ve sewn almost a week’s worth of clothing for myself.

+ I love making things for our home, especially patchwork floor cushions from old pillows and repurposed quilting fabric.

+ My husband and I collaborate on different projects, and we recently made a bench that I’m obsessed with.

+ I’m ethnically from a fairly small community (in context of the country) in Northeast India, a state named Mizoram. I haven’t met a Mizo yet in Sioux Falls, but I would love to! (If you’re Mizo and reading this: Uiha! Kan va vang ve, lo connect i la.)

Sips of Significance

Since becoming a parent, my love for good coffee and sours (beer) has grown tremendously. Is it directly related? Who knows. This has been the perfect excuse to support our friends at The Breaks Coffee Roasting Co. and Fernson Brewing Company. My mornings and my summers would be dreadful without them.

To Dine Out or Not to Dine Out?

My office is located pretty close to our house, so we often make it home for lunches. But it’s always a resounding yes (maybe too often) to the No. 37 and B-04 at Pho Quynh Vietnamese Restaurant and the Vietnamese Fried Chicken Sandwich at Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen.

Prospering with Plants

A few plants from New York made it to Sioux Falls with us when we moved in 2016, and since then I’ve been lucky to slowly fill our home with plants that have grown from clippings from friends. Other than visiting our local garden centers, one of my favorite things to do is scour local Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist plant listings to find some special ones. That’s how we found our monstrous 8-year-old lacy tree philodendron, which now has its own room.

“we won’t deal with the business side of art/culture, won’t look at art as a commodity but we’ll actively try to talk about concept, art practice and an artist’s work as is.” -from the No Business Magazine Kickstarter page

Creative Connections

In the last few years of producing concept-based publications, I’ve always enjoyed connecting with other creatives in the Sioux Falls community as well as working with small shops for our printing needs. Marc Wagner of Skullmore Magazine is a solid guide and has answered a lot of dumb questions from me, and shops such as Mailway Printers Inc. and The Mitographers Inc. have been a pleasure to work with.

Roaming the Region

One of our routine activities from spring to fall is walking around our central Sioux Falls neighborhood in the evenings. We have a lot of alleyways, which are a prime spot for our toddler to explore and run around. We usually end up at Menlo Park midway through our walk. I love that we have so much space and so many facilities close by to unwind as a family. Our evening walks turn into mid-morning walks on the weekends where we visit our favorite Sioux Falls Food Co+op for a snack and a quick grocery run.

Quilting in the Quiet

I usually spend a few nights a week sewing and quilting. Since becoming
a parent, I think a big struggle has been finding a space for myself and
for some quiet. This has been a really big meditative practice for me and something that allows me to make things I love for myself, my family, and friends. The Conscious Clothing collection at Terra Shepherd Boutique & Apothecary has been an inspiration in building my wardrobe.

No Business Collaborators

Power Colors will feature writers from South Dakota, California,
New York, Missouri, Colorado, Minnesota, and Oregon.

Capturing Downtown

My office being downtown has allowed me to explore and walk around the area. This has really fed my love for photography, especially photographing abstract architectural elements around downtown. I’ve been building a body of work around this concept with photographs from downtown and the north side of town.

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