The 605 Show streamed episode 34 live ready for brunch at All Day Cafe in Sioux Falls (and remotely from home for producer Brian Bieber). Hosts V the Noble One and Alana Snyder interviewed Jason Mouw from ADC, and he chatted about seasonal specials, like the Cranpeary Mimosa (which “Brunch Alana” had two of). The crew also tried some Pad Thai and the Crusted Chicken Sandwich (V is still not okay after trying the buttermilk fried chicken breast).
ACLU South Dakota’s Adam Jorgensen also got his seasonal on with a Pumpkin Latte (also, if you haven’t heard by now V hates pumpkin). Adam covers how and when you can vote (you can right now, go do iiiiiiiit), and plays the game Get Out & Vote.

Links to our current voting rights work:

Episode 34 sponsored by Boulevard Brewing Company.

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