“I wasn’t looking to buy a house,” said Jodi Stahl, lead account executive of Click Rain in Sioux Falls.  

In 2017, Stahl was following Ashley Statema on Instagram. Statema posted all about her family and their house. 

“I remember thinking, I love the neighborhood that she’s in,” said Stahl. “It looks so cute and quiet.” 

At the time, Stahl was in the middle of her year-long lease and being a homeowner was the last thing on her mind. 

But one day while Stahl was out of state, Statema’s latest post popped up on her feed. 

“I get a lot of compliments on the front door, and I’m just like, ‘Thanks, it came with the house.'”

The 1960s house Stahl had been following was listed on the market, and she decided to check it out when she got back home. 

“It was an inspiring post that changed my life,” she said. 

She made an offer and in October 2017, the house was hers. And when she moved into the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home, she says she really just felt like herself. 

“Within the walls of my home, I could really grow up a little bit,” explained Stahl. 

She started to cook more. She delved into more hobbies. Inside her office, working from home, she loves basking in the natural light. She says she just learned more about herself. 

Both inside and out, Stahl keeps up countless plants. 

“The curb appeal has been really fun to keep up, learning about the plants when I moved in,” said Stahl. 

And inside, the greenery ties into her neutral and wood-toned décor. 

“I love the wood floors,” said Stahl. “It feels natural and cozy, and they warm up the space a lot.” 

Maintaining Minimalism

While listening to a podcast one day, Stahl discovered the perfect way to maintain her minimalist lifestyle. When she decides to redecorate, she shops her own home. Instead of buying a new rug, she may reuse one she already has in a new space. 

Stahl describes her decorating style as “cozy minimalism.” Woodgrain and lamplight introduce a ton of cozy vibes come nightfall. 

Some of her favorite pieces are local finds and those that have been gifted to her. 

“I find value in gifts,” said Stahl, explaining that she doesn’t often buy décor herself. “When someone gives me a gift that feels really meaningful, I want to display it.” 

For Stahl, owning a house isn’t as scary as people make it out to be. 

“It feels like a huge decision to buy a house and sign for a mortgage and things that feel like a lot of paperwork and logistics,” explained Stahl. “Really what it comes down to is putting your roots down.” 

She thinks it’s about deciding where she sees herself in five to 10 years. 

“It’s just been so fun. You’re off to a new adventure when things break, but you learn a lot in the process of owning something and making it your own.”

Stahl says she’s had her bedroom in each of the home’s three options because of some advice she received. 

“If you want to put your bed in the middle of the kitchen, you can because that baby is yours,” said Stahl, restating some of her favorite advice. 

While the home is hers, she also loves to share it with others. Hospitality is important to Stahl. 

“It’s such a gift to be able to invite others into your home and share a meal—that act of breaking bread together,” said Stahl. 

Along with hosting family and friends, Stahl also rents out one of her bedrooms to a tenant. 

“It’s really about doing life together,” she said. “Everyone is at their own part of their journey, and we can invite people in.”

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