Ngoc Thach never dreamed that she would have her own business. 

“I’m not the typical entrepreneur in that I never envisioned myself starting a business. It was never a pipe dream or a goal I was working toward,” said Thach. “I was a company woman intent on realizing the vision of other entrepreneurs.”  

She was forced to make a decision: stay at her job of five years or move to spend more time with her terminally ill mother. 

“With the job in Aberdeen and my mother in Sioux Falls, time felt like it was slipping through my fingers with each three-hour drive,” she said. 

Surrounded by various entrepreneurial minds in Sioux Falls, she was inspired. 

“So with an abundance of needs from the freelancer community in the area paired with the overwhelming need for efficient and effective creative services, I conceived Mix Maker,” said Thach. 

Thach pulled from her background in public relations and communications to start the online business, offering marketing, design, video, audio, photography, and web design services. 

As the “maker-in-chief,” Thach pairs clients with her team of independent creatives to provide “mix and match marketing” options based on clients’ needs. 

“So long as we are united by the values of generosity, truth, and harmony, I think the Mix Maker community will continue producing really cool things that grow both the client base and the community,” she said. 

Thach shared with the 605 team more about her life and favorite Sioux Falls community spots when she isn’t working.

Remote Retreat

I’m deeply introverted, so I love working from home. Having an environment where I can charge up, focus, and produce is a luxury I cherish. 

Happy Haven

I could find any excuse to walk with my AirPods in, so the trails in and around Sioux Falls were the ideal havens for me this past year. [Big] Sioux Recreation Area, Good Earth [State Park], and the Palisades [State Park] are among my favorites. 

“Surrounded by talented friends and dedicated solopreneurs, I recognized that I could contribute my communications, sales, and project management skills to assist them while serving the clients I’m most passionate about: small business owners.”

Hot (Coffee) Takes

The Breaks [Coffee Roasting Co.] is the best place for beans and a [expletive] good cup of coffee. I get a Café Miel or Cardamom Latte whenever I’m grabbing beans. 

Serious About Sushi

If you think there’s a better place for sushi than Sushi Masa, we better avoid the topic in conversation. 

Jazz Hands

Live music is most invigorating for me, so jazz night at R Wine [Bar & Kitchen] is probably my most consistent outing since returning to Sioux Falls.

5 Random Facts 

+ I still want to be a stand-up comedian or run for office when I grow up. It’s a real toss-up. 

+ The ‘g’ in my name is silent. 

+ I’m not a musician yet, but I am a prolific playlist maker. Please don’t hesitate to follow me [by name] on Spotify. 

+ I was born in Vietnam and raised bilingual in South Dakota.  

+ I don’t have kids, but my parents treat Olive, my standard poodle, like my firstborn—baby talk, spoon feeding, and all of the spoils. I kind of wish I was kidding, but I also love it. 

Pho Real

The fact that I can get Pho Quynh [Vietnamese Restaurant] any day of the week is still some kind of magic to me. 

Downtown Drinks

For cocktails and company, I absolutely adore the vibes and folks at both Carpenter Bar and The Treasury [at Hotel on Philips].  

Meet at M.B.

If we book a lunch meeting, it’ll likely be at M.B. Haskett [Delicatessen]. The atmosphere and aromas are always stimulating. 

“I could see myself saying, ‘We’re just getting started,’ for years to come, and I hope to sustain that feeling of a fresh spark for as long as possible. Hopefully Always.”

Celestial Cravings

My cravings for Sanaa’s [8th Street Gourmet] are also regular at this point, but not satisfied nearly as often as I’d like. Nothing hits quite like a good Fetayer Combo

Nostalgic Bites

I’ve been going to Lalibela [Restaurant LLC] since I was in high school, and even the new location feels like home. If we ever share a plate, the sauce-soaked injera is my favorite part of the meal, and I’ll casually eat all of it. 

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