In 2020, Danielle Voyles was a manager at Green Bean Coffeehouse in Belle Fourche. 

“I worked there for seven and a half years, and I was just hitting a wall on what to do with my life,” said Voyles. 

The owner, Aaron Neiman, had just finished a remodel on the building, changing up the décor and the color scheme. Things were about to change for the Green Bean, but the remodel wasn’t the only transition. 

At the end of 2020, he offered to sell the business to Voyles and her boyfriend, Troy Jensen. Neiman still owns the original Green Bean in Spearfish, along with Blackbird Espresso also in Spearfish, Harriet & Oak in Rapid City, and 8th Avenue Bakery in Belle Fourche. 

“We knew it’d be silly if we didn’t do it because it’s a well-established business,” recalled Voyles. 

Neiman announced the ownership change in October 2020, and just like that, Voyles and Jensen became the owners of a coffeehouse, renaming it Wild Magnolia Coffee Bar & Eatery

“We can make it how we want, change things, take feedback, and turn it into something good,” she said. 

So far, Voyles has made minimal adjustments to the environment of the coffee bar. 

“We’ve added more plants and tables, and it has more of a flow to it,” she explained. 

Inside, Voyles says the space leans into a cozy, white farmhouse vibe, giving the space an open and welcoming feel. 

Under the new ownership, the menu hasn’t changed much. 

“We didn’t want to take too much away because everyone has their favorites,” explained Voyles. “People love it the way it is.” 

Black Hills Bagels

Wild Magnolia collaborates with Black Hills Bagels, offering a variety of flavors like Jalapeño Cheddar, Spinach Parmesan, Everything, and Vanilla Nut. Have your pick of unique cream cheese options to top it off.

As a coffee bar, Wild Magnolia has a plethora of caffeinated drink options. 

Try the essentials like the Cappuccino, Latte, Cold Brew, or Mocha. There are also non-coffee options like Italian Cream Soda, Shaken Iced Tea, and a range of Smoothie flavors (wild berry, peach, strawberry, or mango). 

But not everything is the same. Voyles also mentioned they have added some welcome additions. 

Among the new options are the specialty teas: the Cleopatra (an Egyptian chamomile tea with honey and organic strawberry syrup) and the Lotus (a tropical green tea with raspberry, organic peach, and coconut milk). 

More On The Menu


Keto Bowl

Served on a bed of spinach and eggs. Served with tomato, green and red pepper, onion, and salsa. 

Nola Bowl

Plain Greek yogurt, housemade granola, and fresh fruit.


Bacon Apple Cheddar

Apple, bacon, onion, cheddar, and mayo on sourdough.

Wild West

Roast beef, green pepper, tomato, onion, swiss, spicy mustard, and honey on basil focaccia.


Chicken with basil, pesto, tomato, balsamic vinaigrette, mozzarella, and parmesan on basil focaccia.


Fajita Chicken Salad

Fajita chicken, cheddar, and all the veggies with red pepper, served with salsa. 

Smokehouse Salad

Chicken, bacon, tomato, onion, and provolone on greens, served with chipotle mayo.



Housemade chicken salad with grapes and pecans on a croissant. 


Ham, turkey, roast beef, mayo, and spicy mustard on a wrap.


Fajita chicken, plain cream cheese, salsa, cheddar, red pepper, onion, tomato, and lettuce on a wrap.

“There’s something on [the menu] for everyone.”

“Those are just concoctions we’ve come up with, and they’ve been very, very popular,” she said. “It’s a good alternative for coffee because not everyone’s a coffee drinker.”

And the staples are still there. 

“The Smokehouse [panini] is the No. 1 selling sandwich,” said Voyles. “Everybody loves that one.” 

Made with chicken, bacon, tomato, onion, provolone, and chipotle mayo, the Smokehouse is a panini served on sourdough. 

Other paninis include the Italico, which comes with a chicken fajita, and the house Reuben

If breakfast is more your style, Voyles has a fruity recommendation. 

“The Açai Bowl is super refreshing,” she said. 

The bowl includes fruit sorbet, housemade granola, shaved coconut, pepitas, bee pollen, and fresh fruit. 

Kids have the choice of PB&J, Grilled Cheese, or Grilled Ham & Cheese, all with a juice box and the option of chips, pickles, or animal crackers. 

For convenience and social distancing, the space came with and continues to run its popular drive thru. 

So far, Voyles has had a blast owning Wild Magnolia. 

“Outside of work, I don’t have any hobbies or passions,” she said. “This is something that can be fun for us.” 

With the first few months behind them, Voyles says she feels like she’s where she needs to be and doing what she needs to do. And that is servicing the coffee lovers and community as a co-owner of Wild Magnolia. 

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