In 2020, artist Cameron Stalheim bought a house for the first time. 

“I never thought that I’d even be able to buy a house,” he explained. “I’m an artist, and I work in the service industry.”

He’d been looking for a while when he stumbled upon an old home near downtown Sioux Falls. Only six hours after the house hit the market, he made an offer.

The homeowner accepted the offer.

“As an artist, I get rejected all the time,” said Stalheim. “Being accepted was very scary. Now I had to actually go through with this house.” 

Soon after moving in, he completed a renovation, changing everything from the floors, walls, and fixtures to the shelves, furniture, and accents. 

To complete his space, he implemented many thrifted pieces and items he redid himself. 

While he once had an art studio downtown, he replaced it with a cozy creative office at home. With his limited space, he’s been focusing mostly on creating smaller pieces. 

Stalheim opens up about his favorite places to swing by when he’s not cozy at home.

“I like to bring nature into the house. I just like old stuff. A lot of second hand.”

Hello Hangout

When I’m in the mood to go out, I love hitting up The Hello Hi for a Painkiller, oftentimes paired with a slice from Pizza Cheeks.

Reading Requirement  

Full Circle Book Co-op is a must for book lovers. They have an excellent selection of books, as well as beer and art. 

Beer and the Big Screen

When I’m in the mood for a movie and drinks, I like to stop by Miner Brewing Company for a beer or two before hitting up West Mall 7

Downtown Displays 

SculptureWalk is one of my favorite things in Sioux Falls. It’s always fun to see the new sculptures every year. 

5 Random Facts 

+ I prefer baths to showers. It’s the merman in me.

+ I have two cats, Nolan and Martha. They are the loves of my life.

+ I’m obsessed with Funyuns.   

+ I was originally interested in special effects makeup before going into sculpture. 

+ Baking is one of my favorite hobbies.   

Caffeine Fix 

If I need caffeine before work, I usually head to The Breaks Coffee Roasting Co. for a Drip Coffee and an Everything Croissant

Sweet Tooth 

Queen City Bakery is my go-to for anything sweet. I could eat there every day. Except Tuesdays. 

I love the Butter Chicken at Shahi Palace. It’s like a flavor bomb in your mouth.

Living for Live Shows

Total Drag Records is the go-to place for live shows and records. 

Died and Went to Heaven 

Maxwell Food Equipment is one of my favorite stores. Every time I go there it’s like I died and went to culinary heaven. 

Back to Nature 

Beaver Creek is where I go when I need to get a little more nature in my life. 

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