Witnessing firsthand what IVs could do as a registered nurse in Denver, Jenny Haiar wanted to start a specialized clinic. 

“I’m not the first nurse to know this, but I would see what just a bag of fluids would do,” she said. “It would snap people out of it, fix their kidneys, liver and so much more.” 

Haiar launched her private practice, ivclub, in Sioux Falls in 2017, which is located within her other business with Dr. Jeremy Storm, the Storm Clinic (now rebranded as Allure Health). Being the first in the state to take on this type of business, she says she had to go through a lot of obstacles, but already had the basics. 

“I had a lot of things in place for it. We had legal already. We had a physician,” recalled Haiar. “You need a nurse, and I was one, so I knew how to do everything. We started the process and all the formation of it took about a year, year and a half because the state didn’t know what it was.” 

Places like New York City and Las Vegas had elective IV services, and Haiar says some people labeled it as fixing hangovers. Which, in short, it does—among many other things. 

“There’s a lot of things as a nurse that you see: pregnant women, marathon athletes… It’s fluids that fix [various issues],” she said. “When I first started it, bigger cities provided it, and those places marketed it as a hangover cure, which it is. I think it’s more beneficial as a health and wellness maintenance.” 

The ivclub sees patients for a wide range of reasons, including dehydration, GI malabsorption issues, and migraines. Haiar says what was really important to her was to make the option quick and affordable. 

A New Allure

Allure Health is building a new medical clinic and spa down the street from their current location on 85th Street and Minnesota Avenue that is aimed to open in December of 2021. The 10,000-square-foot building on Lyncrest Place will have modern, French vibes and will have even more services. 
“ivclub will be one of the first services up and operating,” said Haiar. “We’ll have a workout facility, we’ll have a bar, a coffee shop.” 
The mansion-esque building will have services like an adult-only full-service spa, on-site board rooms for business rentals, an outpatient lab, a full-service inpatient hospitalist program, telemedicine, infectious disease, an on-site pharmacy, and more. 
“With the new building, the ivclub area is going to be very catered to that bougee feel. Right now we’re so limited on space it’s been hard,” she said. “We plan on having more offerings, like doing smoothies to coincide with the infusions.” 
She continued, “You can sit up and do an oxygen bar while you’re getting an infusion. We’ll have an area with more of a lounge feel around a fireplace. It’ll be like a coffee shop and you can choose the vibe you want to sit in.” 
For more information, visit allure.health. 

“People with migraines don’t want to have to go to the ER and pay a copay of $300. And on top of that, they have to convince the doc to do it in the ER. It increases the cost of healthcare,” she said. 

They even have services for premenstrual syndrome (PMS). 

“We have a PMS mix so that if people have really bad PMS symptoms we can help with that,” said Haiar. 

Fellow 605 staffer Taylor Hanson and I went the dehydration and hangover route, and went out the night before we stopped by the ivclub. Many seltzers had been had, and even though we’re terrified of needles, we were ready. 

we try to make it a fun experience, not stale”
-Jenny Haiar

Alex Velgersdyk, RN-BSN, greeted us and the team of nurses took us back to the ivclub room with a handful of chairs. We were delighted to see bowls of snacks and a drink menu. As we got settled, we were handed a mimosa. 

“Here, you can have mine,” said Taylor as she handed me her drink and grabbed Pringles instead. 

Well, if the opportunity presents itself, I’ll do what I must. 

We both signed a waiver, which Haiar says is primarily because it’s elective. 

“It’s like skydiving. I know what I want, and I’m going to sign a waiver for it,” she said. 

While a common fear is the needle aspect of it, Haiar says it’s more like a self-care, spa treatment that should be enjoyable and not scary. 

“Yes, we’re nurses and we start your IV, but it’s really great to see people feel better. It’s rewarding,” she said. “People come in for their health or wellness. It’s always a positive thing. I wanted to make it fun. Have a drink, snacks, food, whatever.” 

People have used it for so many different things. I knew the health benefits of just being hydrated, but people are being creative with uses.” 

Each person’s experience is custom to them, whether it’s Alleviate, Get Up and Go, Inner Beauty – Skin Support, or Immunity. Add-ons are also available, like a Vitamin D3 injection. 

“We have a lot of business [people] that come and get vitamins before they go on a trip,” said Haiar. “We always know when businesspeople are going on trips.” 

Become A Member 

For $49 every month, become a member of ivclub and save money on infusions, add-ons, and an additional $20 off a drip during your birthday month.

ivclub can also travel if the party is large enough for events, like bachelorette parties and golf tournaments. 

“We’re just tapping into another service people are going to expect to have when they come to a different city.” 

For more information, visit IVCLUB.COM. 


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