Across the nation, many people are not able to afford to take care of themselves the way they would like to since they don’t have access to insurance.

Marketing director Hannah Johnson says that Neighborhood Dental is trying to combat that struggle with the Neighborhood Dental Savings Program.

“The goal of our in-house savings program is to provide our patients with exceptional dental care, while providing no limitations,” she said. “Individuals who are looking for an alternative to dental insurance or are self-employees would benefit from this service.”

“This plan gives the population an opportunity to have a healthy smile and that in itself is a benefit.” -Hannah Johnson on the program

The yearly program is a coverage plan that anyone can sign up for to save themselves time, money, and an uncovered toothache.

With seven locations, three of which are in Sioux Falls, there may be a Neighborhood Dental close to home. There are also locations in Harrisburg, Tea, Beresford, and Yankton. Spread out across the clinics are 13 dentists, and a 14th will be added in August.

“Anywhere and everywhere you are at, the odds are that there is going to be one near to you,” said Johnson.

Along with being in reach, there’s many benefits to joining the savings plan.

“There’s no maximums, no minimums, no waiting periods, so patients have access to affordable, quality care as soon as they sign up,” said Johnson.


Easy-to-understand benefits
No maximums
No waiting periods
No deductibles
No claims
No missing tooth clauses

She adds that seeing the dentist is often at the back of people’s minds, so this program can be valuable for those who feel this way.

“I believe that this plan is important because I think a lot of individuals push aside oral health due to the expense, but our in house savings plan makes it affordable and accessible to keep our patient’s oral health in tip-top shape,” said Johnson.

That’s not to say that people don’t believe that teeth are important.

“Dental health, a lot of people care about it,” said Johnson. “It’s just that it’s one of the more expensive things. Just being able to afford it that way gives you that ability to do so.”

“It’s near your home. It’s near your work. It’s near your school.” -Hannah Johnson

Upon signing up for the savings program, patients will then spend the next year with Neighborhood Dental taking care of cleanings, oral procedures, and more. 

“Our dental savings program is customizable to every patient, each patient has the ability to sign up for a child, individual, dual, or family plan,” said Johnson.

She continues, saying that having only one place for dental work can be a relief for some. 

Save 100%

For some treatments, the Neighborhood Dental Savings Plan covers patients for 100% of the costs throughout each year of coverage.

Comprehensive/Periodic/Limited Exam (Two per year)
Bitewing X-Rays (Once per year)
Full Mouth Series/X-Rays/Panorex
Prophylaxis (Two cleanings per year)
Periodontal Maintenance (Two per year)
Fluoride (Two per year)
Oral Cancer Screenings (Two per year)

“That not only makes it convenient, but just something to ease our patients in coming to the dentist,” said Johnson. “There’s always dental anxiety for anybody and everybody. There’s a lot of things that the different clinics do to aid that anxiety, so it’s not a painful trip to the clinic, giving as much ease as possible for the patient.”

Getting started with the program is simple. Call, text, or book an appointment online to check out everything that the Neighborhood Dental Savings Program has to offer you and your neglected teeth.

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