It began with fireworks. 

“We started with Fourth of July apparel because we saw a need for classy patriotic items that we actually wanted to wear,” said Lindsay Willers

She and her best friend Amber Blom started selling apparel for the holiday on Etsy, and they wanted to come up with a catchy name. 

“We have an office in South Dakota and in Arizona,” explained Blom. “We picked two prominent features of both and came up with the name, Cows and Cacti.” 

The online apparel shop offers seasonal collections of shirts, pins, hats, and more. 

They say that after their patriotic apparel was a hit, they created lines of bridal, bachelorette, and South Dakota pieces. Now their styles cater to the Midwest as a whole, and their newest Fourth of July collection just launched at the end of May. 

“As COVID hit last year, the experiential industry took a hit, and as a result [we] made the decision to put time and energy into Cows and Cacti,” the entrepreneurs said. 

In 2020, they branched off of Etsy to start their own ecommerce business and website, still across the country from one another. 

Blom lived down in Arizona while Willers set up camp in Sioux Falls. In February 2021, Blom moved back to South Dakota to work closer to Willers and focus on the company.

Together, they balance out the brunt of the work with Blom working the production side and modeling, while Willers lets her creative mind roam. 

“We are very particular about quality and design. Every piece you see has been carefully selected and uniquely designed by us,” said Blom. 

Outside of the website, the pair also offers direct-to-garment printing, design services, and full-service screen printing. 

“This past fall we launched the wholesale side to our business and now provide wholesale options for numerous retailers across the Midwest,” said Blom. 

The pair shared with 605 some of their favorite ways to spend time together.

Shoot Your Shot 

When we have company meetings, we’ll often pick up frosting shots from Oh My Cupcakes! because who doesn’t love straight up frosting? They’re the best. 

Food for the Soul 

Speaking of food, we have had many good meetings at Chevy’s. Chips and queso are the perfect brain food for new ideas. 

A Breath of Fresh Air

Good Earth State Park is just a short drive to great walking trails and to enjoy nature. It’s a great place to go with the whole family. 

Kickin’ It Poolside  

This past summer, our most enjoyable hangouts were in Lindsay’s backyard drinking margaritas next to the kiddie pool. Let’s not forget the old-fashioned lawn chairs that fold in thirds. 

5 Random Facts 

+ Willers has a husband and three daughters. 

+ Blom did fitness modeling for about five years and worked with a professional fitness photographer as his production manager. She’s comfortable on set, so she says it’s been fun to use that experience and model Cows and Cacti apparel. 

+ Blom and Willers designed and printed the apparel for Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken’s 100 Miles in 100 Days initiative. Through this opportunity, the pair provided participants and supporters with commemorative shirts and donated over $4,600 to the community.  

+ Blom loves to travel. Over New Years, she and a friend traveled to Ireland, rented a car, and drove across the country. 

+ Willers has a passion for all things design. By trade, she’s an experiential 3D designer and creative director who designs experiences for high-end brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Anheuser- Busch, Hilton, and more. 

Targét the Day Away 

Since Lindsay is a mom, we often hang out after the kids go to bed. Our meetup place of choice is Target. We love walking through the décor and dollar sections. 

Vitamin E(nergy)  

We both have an obsession with Celsius, a caffeinated beverage. One of our favorite places to stock up is the Vitamin Shoppe. Our favorite flavors are grape, wild berry, orange, and peach.

Problem-solving Sips  

In the summer, we take walks together throughout the neighborhood. The world’s problems have all been solved on our wine walks.

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Facebook: /cowsxcacti 
Instagram: @cowsxcacti 

For more information, visit COWSANDCACTI.COM.

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