In 2005, Ben Hanten was a bar owner in downtown Yankton. In 2017, he upgraded to Ben’s Brewing Co. 

“It certainly made good beer and it got us to where we are today, but it wasn’t a place that was particularly safe for employees because of having to use steps to load in ingredients and to get kegs up and down,” said Hanten. 

Far too soon, Hanten realized the 19th century building that houses the brewery just wasn’t fit to grow with the company as he needed it to. 

So in October of 2020, he added Ben’s Brew Station in a building that once belonged to the Freeman Company

“This is a 29,000-square-foot, two-and-a-half-acre property that has loading docks, more electrical than we could ever use, and lots of outdoor space,” said Hanten. 

As soon as he got his hands on the property, he shifted the majority of the brewing production to the new sister location. He started brewing out of Ben’s Brew Station in December 2020. 

That was going to be all that was there. That is until the idea of a second taproom invaded his mind. 

“I started looking at the space in February, staring at it,” Hanten said with a laugh. “I set a goal to be open by June 1.” 

He continued, “Instead of just the beer coming out of here, now there’s a 4,300-square-foot taproom and a 10,000 square foot patio.” 

Because building material prices are steep, Hanten said he had to get creative. Four booths were built from items picked up at citywide cleanups, doors were made into tables, and the 51-foot bar is framed from materials from the building’s renovation. 

With all the square footage, the brew station has plenty of entertainment options from dartboards to a pinball machine, bocce ball, and more. 

“The downtown location is going to continue to be there,” he said. “It’s open 365 days a year, every TV package, liquor. This place is more like your traditional taproom.” 

Because the Brew Station doesn’t share these traits, there’s likely going to be a different crowd. 

Hanten expects craft beer enthusiasts to frequent the new location, while regulars and those who may want something different will likely go downtown. 

Brew Station Tours + Food Truck Saturday

JULY 10-11 | 11 A.M. 

Go on a tour of Ben’s Brewing Co.’s new sister location, Ben’s Brew Station. While you’re there, pick up some munchies from Broken Trellis Food Truck. 

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Miner Brewing Co. | Sioux Falls, Hill City

+Mutuals Gruit Ale

Miner’s brewer, Sandi, and her grandfather had a mutual love of jasmine, yarrow, echinacea, and red sandalwood, which make it light and crisp with a mild jasmine sweetness and spice notes.

Covert Artisan Ales & Cellars | Sioux Falls

+Live Music

July 22 | 7 p.m.
Join Covert Artisan Ales & Cellars for an exciting evening of live local music and craft beer.

Fernson Brewing Co. | Sioux Falls

+Raz Lemonade Curio

Fruited Sour Ale
Curio, the classic Fernson Berliner Weisse, got an upgrade with loads of raspberry and lemon purée. It’s an homage to your favorite childhood summertime back patio sipper.

A Homestead Brew | Valley Springs

+Barrel-Aged Aronia Berry and Blueberry Wild Sour Ale 

Wild Sour Ale
Made with Anderson Hop Farm Centennial hops, this sour was aged in Jack Daniel’s barrels for one year. It is crystal-clear, dark purple in color, with a strong aronia berry profile and a clean acidity.

Remedy Brewing Company | Sioux Falls

+Hoos Joos

Juicy IPA 
Inspired by South Dakota’s famous group, Judd Hoos, this juicy IPA will strike a chord with beer and music fans alike! An ensemble of citrus and tropical fruit hops build into a crescendo of juicy, tropical fruit.  

Look’s Beer Co | Sioux Falls

+Abe Foamin’

All-Malt Smoked Lager
Lightly smoked, crisp, and clean, Abe Foamin’ goes perfectly with your backyard barbecues. Pairs great with Look’s Marketplace housemade brats.

Sawyer Brewing Co. | Spearfish

+4-Stroke Haze

Hazy Double IPA
4-Stroke Haze has a powerful hop aroma with a solid performance from Citra and Mosaic hops. El Dorado hops make an appearance at the end for a strong finish.

Crow Peak Brewing Co. | Sioux Falls

+It Takes Two To Mango

Blonde Ale
This blonde ale is flavored with mango, chili lime seasoning, and chamoy and dry hopped with Citiva hops. The aroma and flavor will have tropical fruit notes with a hint of spice, salt, and lime tartness.

One Legged Pheasant Brewery | Aberdeen

+Dark Tripper

Fruited Sour Beer  
This dark sour is brewed with roasted malts, dark currant, and blueberries to blow minds with hints of a berry aroma mixed with raisin and date flavors to refresh taste buds.

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