The 605 Show went live from the Levitt Shell in Sioux Falls for episode 42, and streamed in Claire Scarborough from The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs. Hosts V the Noble One and Alana Snyder got to try the WoodGrain Super Shandy from JJ’s Wine, Spirits & Cigars, as the company serves drinks at every Levitt event. Food was also enjoyed from Levitt neighbors Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen. V tried the Pork Belly Gyro, and Alana had her go-to, the Vietnamese Fried Chicken.
Rose Ann Hofland from the Levitt took the stage to talk about upcoming shows and how the season has been going. And both hosts’ minds were blown by Mammoth facts when Claire joined them virtually (just check out the size of a Mammoth tooth).
Laughs were had during the game Are they Extinct, where viewers will see if V believes the Saber-Toothed Tiger is still alive.
Don’t miss producer Dan Card sweat profusely from the heat, watch the sun cover up Alana slowly (but surely) as the show goes on, and check out all of the other hot mess magic that is The 605 Show. A special thanks to Thinker Networks and to our viewers!

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