For the taproom at A Homestead Brew in Valley Springs, owner Lee Anderson focuses on a farm-to-glass concept using as many of his own crops as possible and spontaneously fermenting most of his brews. 

“I grow as many ingredients as I can get my hands on,” said Anderson. “It starts with being in a farm and a field and how I ethically grow things.” 

On the farm this year, he says they’re most looking forward to their 600 raspberry and blackberry patches. 

He noted that they planted roughly 100 red currant bushes as well. 

“Everything that we’re brewing has at least one ingredient that we grow,” said Anderson. “How many ingredients can I grow organically to put into this? That’s where I get the joy in it.” 

The land has been in his family since 1882, and he’s not going anywhere as he expands and continues to plant crops that are “grew to brew.” 

Homestead began growing organic produce in 2020, and Anderson has been spontaneously fermenting since 2014. 

“To make a spontaneous brew you need to come up with wort. It’s a starch to sugar conversion of grain,” explained Anderson. 

At the brewery, he uses wild yeast and microflora from the atmosphere, a wooden barrel, and time to create a series of flavorful, spontaneously fermented beers for the taproom. 

“When you think about farming, a microscopic universe is pretty neat to keep alive. The time of year and place you decide to yeast-wrangle will completely change taste,” he explained. 

Along with the featured Meadors Blackberry Braggot Sour Beer Slushee, other spontaneous brews include the Spontaneous Wet Hop Barrel-Aged Sour and the Barrel-Aged Log Flume Spontaneous Ale.

Meadors Blackberry Braggot Sour Beer Slushee

Barrel-Aged Sour Slushee

This beer was maximized with South Dakota honey, adding the farm’s 2016 lambic hops. The sour was made with the log flume spontaneous culture, stored in barrels for two years, and served from the taproom’s slushie machine. Each week, Homestead has new beer and non-alcoholic slushies.

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