As the fall foliage begins to shed its fiery leaves, and the summer gives into colder seasons, Miner Brewing Co. in Hill City, along with its taproom in Sioux Falls, is preparing to transition from a busy tourist season to focus on local supporters. 

“We may not have the time to chat with locals as much during the busy summer season, but they are our best advocates by not only having a beer in the taproom on a regular basis, but by recommending us to so many out of state travelers that are looking to try some local brews in an authentic Black Hills environment,” said Casey Nordine, taproom hospitality manager.

“When we opened in November of 2013, our brewmaster Sandi Vojta had accumulated a small quantity of several different ingredients, and she used this eclectic mix to brew one of our first test batches with our new production equipment.”

After some persuasion from her staff, Vojta allowed the public to give it a taste. As the brewery celebrates its eighth anniversary this November, the staff is excited to welcome back this brew, now lovingly called Miner MUTT, as no one can seem to describe it or categorize it.

Dropping temperatures will bring back the heated igloos at the Hill City location, a new addition from last winter. They’ll be available from November 15 to March 15. 

“Guests are invited to enjoy wine, beer, and a variety of food options, while taking in the views of the Black Hills during the day time or the magical ambiance of the illuminated igloo village at night,” said Nordine.

Looking ahead, Miner and its sister company, Prairie Berry Winery, are bringing back the Black Hills Winter Festival in 2022.

“In February 2020, we hosted this inaugural event and saw over 1,000 people attend to enjoy s’mores, fat bike barrel racing, live music and more,” said Nordine.

Despite the constant state of uncertainty in the world, Nordine says Miner’s goal will not change.

He explained, “While our tactics and seasonal offerings change and adapt with the world around us, ultimately we are here to brighten the day of our guests, making the world a better place, one beer at a time.”

Peach Ginger Cider

Fruited Cider/Hybrid Cider

This fruited cider finds a balance between fresh peach sweetness and mild green apple tartness. Juicy with a mild ginger note on the finish, it is made with apples from Krause Family Orchard.

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One Legged Pheasant Brewery | Aberdeen

+Funkin Punkin

Pumpkin Porter
Taste the classic flavors of fall with a kick in Funkin Punkin, made with smoked pumpkin, smoked habanero, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and honey.

Covert Artisan Ales & Cellars | Sioux Falls

+Say Cheese: Pumpkin Spice

Spiced Fruited Sour
Say Cheese: Pumpkin Spice combines pumpkin with cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla to create a holiday-inspired pastry sour. 

Fernson Brewing Co. | Sioux Falls

+Seed Series #113

Imperial Stout
It’s a dark, smooth, and warming beer. Seed Series #113 has dark chocolate tasting notes and an ABV of 9%.

Ben’s Brewing Co. | Yankton

+Cold Brew Blonde Ale

Blonde Ale
Ben’s Brewing Co. is highlighting a light, clean blonde ale with 15 gallons of full-strength cold brew added. 

Remedy Brewing Company | Sioux Falls


American Strong Ale
Worthog is a unique, complex beer with deep copper and light brown coloring and notes of toffee, fig, and a substantial C-hop bitterness. 

Crow Peak Brewing Co. | Spearfish

+Bugling Bull Lager

Munich Dunkel
This beer is amber in color and has a clean, malty flavor with slight hints of chocolate. German hops balance out the malt sweetness. 

Sawyer Brewing Co. | Spearfish


Sour Ale
Orangecycle is a sour ale brewed with real oranges and vanilla. It’s a slightly sweet treat that cycles through slightly sour to sweet, rounding out with smooth vanilla. 

Looks’s Beer Co. | Sioux Falls

+Big Ern’s Magical Elixir

Hoppy Rye Pilsner
Look’s Beer Co. and the Sanford Health Foundation have joined forces. All November, $1 from every Big Ern’s Magical Elixir sold will go to support men’s health priorities at Sanford Health. 

A Homestead Brew | Valley Springs

+Beer Branding Event

November 27 | 2 p.m.
Select a suggested beer, and taste the deliciousness of branding with a fired stainless steel rod as it caramelizes the beer and changes the flavor into something new. 

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