Tim Smith was happy in the home he was living in, but when he stumbled upon a place he couldn’t refuse, it was time to change his plans.

“I don’t really need a big house, but I fell in love with the property and the views so much I just had to buy it,” said Smith.

The property sits on the west edge of Rapid City, while the other side faces about 500 acres of forest views.

“I’m in the Black Hills sleeping, but I’m 10 minutes away from fine dining,” said Smith.

Since the house is much bigger than what he required, he rents out an apartment above the garage to a friend and another section of the house called The Crow’s Nest on Airbnb for couples or individuals to have a place to get away.

“It justified me buying it as a single man,” Smith explained with a laugh. “I get a kick out of Airbnb. I think it’s super fun.”

“From the moment you get in your car to the heart of Rapid City, it’s about 10 minutes.” – Tim Smith

In the past, he would rent out his home to visitors, so he’s had over two years of experience with the app. Now he’s a superhost for the suite.

Set up like a studio apartment, the open space of The Crow’s Nest is home to a sizable kitchen, a cozy living room, a modern bathroom, and a sleeping nook with a king size bed.

Kelli Shaw with Walnut & Pine Design (pictured above) is behind the details of the suite. She brought in pine paneling and combinations of charcoal and white colors to create a clean, modern space.

The property itself is a mere 10-15 minute drive from the center of Rapid City, where there’s everything from casual eateries and activities to fine dining and events.

Smith’s Recommendations

Rapid City
»  Bojukō Ramen
»  Delmonico Grill
»  Himalayan Kitchen
»  Independent Ale House
»  Lost Cabin Beer Co.
»  Pacific Rim Cafe
»  Pho Vietnam
»  Sumo Japanese Kitchen
»  Tally’s Silver Spoon
»  Vertex Sky Bar

»  Skogen Kitchen

» Antuñez
»  Spearfish Public House

Some of the most recent guests were a couple from Ellsworth Air Force Base looking for a staycation.

“It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside that two people that are in love got to have a little time to themselves,” said Smith.


Find Smith in the “booze business” in the Black Hills as he owns Smith’s Liquor Gallery and is involved with Independent Ale House and Spearfish Public House.

The couple sent their child to stay with a grandparent and took some time to just the two of them.

“When they left, they sent a sweet review about what a good time they had and how they want to come back again,” said Smith.

“One of the main windows perfectly frames the view of Black Elk Peak, which is also in view off the front porch and from the hot tub.” – Tim Smith

While staying in the suite, guests have access to a hot tub, an indoor fireplace, a grill, laundry machines, and a fully equipped kitchen.

“It has huge windows and feels very spacious. The windows that face east are floor-to-ceiling, there are concrete counter tops, and the Scandinavian theme has many light wood tones,” explained Smith.

But Smith says the biggest draw is the view.

“One side of the property faces Rapid City, so in the morning you get insane sunrises and at night you get the city lights,” said Smith. “On the other side of the property, you face the Black Hills so you get crazy sunsets and storms in the summer.”

There’s plenty to keep guests busy in the area, but if the city isn’t offering what they need, they can hike paths in the woods nearby.

For more information, visit AIRBNB.COM.

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