Plains Commerce Bank is looking toward the future, according to Chief Trust Officer Kyle Pickner.

“The bank is very innovative and free-flowing with a vision to look to the future,” he said. “We’re looking at utilizing how technology operates now and blending that in with our financial services.”

To do this, they are taking action to bring new services to their customers, because conventional banking isn’t what it once was and is continuing to change.

With his role at Plains Commerce Bank, Pickner hopes to provide a new outlook on traditional finance. He says he understands that conventional banking is changing right before our eyes.

He says consumers, along with businesses, are looking to the established banking system for assurance that their hard-earned assets are protected from the full range of risks.

Learn more about Pickner’s life, from how he burnt himself out at one of his last jobs to his favorite places to spend his time with his wife in Sioux Falls.

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Before I came to the bank, I worked 860 of 864 days at my previous job. I got burnt out, so I left there in March of 2021 and took a 10-week hiatus before coming here.


I tend to go to the same places. I used to work downtown, so I’d go to Coffea Roasterie a lot. Before it was Coffea, it was Kaladi’s Bistro. I don’t even remember when it changed over. I worked across the street, so it was an easy place to go.


I love to go to pretty much any place that has sushi with my wife. Normally we go to Crave in the summer because it’s easy.



I go to McNally’s Irish Pub a lot because it’s right behind the house. Literally I can walk and be there in like 60 seconds. I drink a lot of whiskey and bourbon, so Old Fashioneds are my favorite—and wine too.


On date night, my wife and I like to try different food and grab a glass of wine.


I also go to JL Beers a lot. Other than the beer, my favorite thing to order is the Phillips Avenue Burger.

“Our leadership does think outside of the box considerably, which is why we’re able to be successful.” – Kyle Pickner

5 Random Facts 

1. I golf pretty much anywhere in Sioux Falls: Prairie Green Golf Course, Elmwood Golf Course, both country clubs. I golf in a lot of tournaments, scrambles, and things like the Bakker Crossing Championship Golf Course. If there’s a golf course, I’ll play it.

2. I’m simple. I like my life to be very streamlined.

3. I went to the University of South Dakota and received a degree in Finance in 2011.

4. I’ve always drank my coffee black. I didn’t even start drinking coffee until I was 21, and I just randomly went out and bought a coffee pot at Lewis Drug one day. I brought it home, started drinking coffee, and drank it black because that’s how my parents drank it.

5. I began working in the Trust industry in 2013.


I read a lot of books in either history, psychology, or finance. I’m reading a book right now called The Lords of Easy Money: How the Federal Reserve Broke the American Economy by Christopher Leonard.


I’m not a Starbucks person. I just like my coffee, pour it in a mug, and take it.

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