Simply Perfect opened in 2006 to offer furniture and accessories for my clients,” said Penny Klinedinst. “Before I opened the doors, I was specialty painting, and my clients were asking me for my design help, too.”

She says it felt natural to open up the shop in downtown Sioux Falls.

“I am the owner, creative director, and lead buyer,” said Klinedinst. “My hope in this role is that I bring inspiration and encouragement to the women on my team.”

Over the next 16 years, Simply Perfect thrived at times, struggled at others, and expanded when the time was right.

“It has become a lifestyle store where we offer a complete experience for our customers in the variety of businesses we offer,” she said.

Simply Perfect is now an umbrella company for Plum’s Cooking Company, Threads by Simply Perfect, Freedom Studios, and Simply Perfect Design Co.

“Each company carries the same principles–creating an atmosphere of inspiration where all who enter feel welcomed and appreciated and can walk away with something,” said Klinedinst.

Two years after opening Simply Perfect, Threads opened to welcome fashion to Simply Perfect’s design offerings.

“There is a strong correlation between design in interiors and design in fashion,” she said. “A garment can have the same emotion as a well designed home. We work hard to find unique things that fit people’s personality, and when they match up it’s a perfect fit.”

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Plum’s Cooking Co. has been around for nearly 35 years, but six years ago, Klinedinst became the owner in an effort to keep the doors of the beloved shop from closing.

“I believe that Plum’s completes our lifestyle experience through food and education. Our kitchen is the heart of our shop,” explained Klinedinst.

When she took over, they quadrupled the kitchen’s footprint and began offering cooking classes more frequently—from three to four times a week.

“We’re extremely proud to give a platform to our local chefs to share their talents and their love for food.”

“I would highly recommend to anyone that feels the nudge to be true to your calling (because we all have one) to grab hold and move forward with confidence.” – Penny Klinedinst

Freedom Studios followed Plum’s, opening two years ago after Klinedinst lost her sister to breast cancer.

“Oftentimes with great loss it prompts you to look deeper into what you’re doing with your life,” said Klinedinst. “Around this same time I was introduced by dear friends to Becky Rasmussen and encouraged to get involved with Call to Freedom in some capacity.”

She added, “Beth Gammel, Christin Majerus, and I saw the opportunity to create a healing employment program for the survivors Call to Freedom works with through a bath and body company.”

They create candles, hand soaps, lotions, bath soaks, and more.

“Although I was extremely happy as nursing support at a family practice clinic and felt very fulfilled taking care of our patients, I knew I was meant for another chapter in life.” – Penny Klinedinst

“Freedom Studios completes our lifestyle experience through a meaningful purpose,” she explained.

Klinedinst tells about her newest addition to the Simply Perfect lineup, Simply Perfect Design Co., and shared a deeper look into how her companies enrich her life.

OUR GOAL IS…  to embrace all who enter and to help the needs be met–large or small. Every person has value.

THE BEST PART OF MY JOB IS…   the people I surround myself with, expressing my true passion through the work that I do, the satisfaction of making others feel comfortable in their surroundings, and knowing I had a part in that.

WHERE THE KITCHEN IS THE HEART OF PLUMS, DESIGN CO. IS…  the heart of Simply Perfect. I believe that our home interiors reflect and affect our own interiors—our hearts and minds. And I believe that creating a foundation of simplicity, balance, and beauty in these inner spaces helps us live our best lives.

WE DECIDED TO CREATE DESIGN CO. AS A SEPARATE BRAND TO…   highlight our projects and to simplify our messaging. I actually spend 80% of my time on job sites helping renovate and build new homes for our clients. There is a lot going on behind the scenes that customers don’t see every day when they walk into the shop. Design Co. completes our lifestyle experience through personalized design.

ONE OF MY FAVORITE PROJECTS HAS BEEN… renovating and restoring Plum’s. Plum’s is the best design work I’ve ever done. I really enjoyed creating a state-of-the-art culinary teaching kitchen for our cooking school. And knowing that this had been the dream of the previous owner, Caroline Peterson, made my work rewarding and something I take great pride in.

WHAT PEOPLE MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT SIMPLY PERFECT IS…  I registered my business on my 40th birthday and opened our doors on the day my first grandchild, Aiden, was born. It took courage to be brave and change my career in my 40s. It has been a difficult journey, but well worth it.

SIMPLY PERFECT ENDURED… a recession where I did not take a paycheck for seven years in order to pay my employees. We endured a pandemic [in which] we chose to remain open—although it was highly discouraging. For me, our team comes first. I never anticipated the toll it would take on my family’s time and my time. However, the encouragement I’ve received has carried me through all these years. And as I look back, I can sincerely say I have no regrets.

SOMETHING WE’RE DOING WITH OUR BUSINESS RIGHT NOW THAT I’M EXCITED ABOUT… being part of a Downtown Sioux Falls visionary committee for 2025. Given the opportunity to have a voice in a group of professionals has been an honor


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