As summer approaches, the Buglin’ Bull Restaurant & Sports Bar in Custer prepares to welcome back summer menu items for locals and tourists alike.

“It’s centered around being a family type of place, and we’re extremely busy in the summertime with the tourism,” said WR Hospitality culinary director Farzad Farrokhi. “We have lots of burgers and sandwiches but also great entrées, and we bring in wild game meat.”

Mid to late April, the menu will transition to welcome menu items with elk, pheasant, and buffalo.

“Since it’s warmer out, people eat differently in the warmer months, and we match that,” he said.

That change starts with appetizers.


Bu•gle /’byoogel/ Verb
Loud sound from a bull elk

“The Chislic goes to a Tatanka Chislic, so we use buffalo sirloin instead of Angus sirloin,” said Farrokhi.

The state appetizer staple is marinated in the house steak sauce and served with Parmesan-Garlic Fries.

Another popular addition is the Buffalo Stuffed Mushrooms, which have spicy buffalo sausage, parmesan, and cream cheese.

“We add a Pheasant Flatbread kalamata olives, banana peppers, arugula, tomato, pesto cream sauce, and pheasant confit,” said Farrokhi.

The salmon listing will transition to a Pineapple Salsa Salmon. The seven-ounce salmon filet is served over a wild rice medley, with seasonal vegetables, and with toppings of a brown sugar rum glaze and pineapple salsa.

Near the top of the most popular summertime dinner service menu items are the Elk Medallions.

“We’ll pound elk sirloin into medallions and charbroil them with the house pepper crust. Then they get served with blackberry pine-port reduction and roasted red skin potatoes and vegetables,” said Farrokhi.



+ Thai Sprimp
Lightly dusted and fried shrimp tossed in coconut chili sauce, served with crispy noodles and Asian slaw.

+ Guido’s Flatbread
Italian cheeses, pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, roasted red peppers, and red sauce.

Burgers & Sandwiches

+ SoDak Buffalo Burger
South Dakota Buffalo, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle all on a grilled pub bun.

+ Wagyu Cheesesteak
Shaved wagyu steak with Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms, and sautéed onions on a grilled hoagie.


+ Greek
Mixed greens, kalamata olives, tomato, banana peppers, red onion, feta cheese, and Greek vinaigrette.

+ Roasted Apple Spinach
Baby spinach, roasted Fuji apples, bacon, craisins, candied almonds, bleu cheese, and honey balsamic vinaigrette.


+ Buffalo Steak Tips
Locally-sourced buffalo sirloin tips, sautéed onions, mushroom marsala sauce, balsamic reduction, and redskin mashed potatoes.

+ Tatanka Strip Steak
Locally-sourced center cut 10-ounce buffalo strip steak, charbroiled to your liking with bourbon demi-glace, roasted redskins, and seasonal vegetables.

That’s not the only place elk appears in the restaurant’s menu.

“You can point and shoot and go to pretty much any restaurant in the area to get a buffalo burger in the summer,” said Farrokhi. “We’re one of the few places that prides ourselves on having a hand-pattied Elk Burger since the elk is in our name.”

He adds that the flavor and texture make the dish just right.

“The Buffalo Shrimp changes to the Thai Shrimp because it meets the season better with the Thai aioli and Asian slaw base on that.”Farzad Farrokhi

“The Elk Burger is second to none in flavor and texture. Our elk is ground at Prairie Harvest Specialty Foods in Spearfish, and they do a really nice job on the ratio,” said Farrokhi.

To finish off a meal at the Buglin’ Bull, try one of the handful of desserts like the Cast Iron Cookie, Cheesecake, and Crème Brûlée, which is homemade with cream custard.

Another option is the Chocolate Banana Swirl Cake made up of rich chocolate swirled with banana cake and topped with cream cheese frosting, caramel, and whipped cream.

“Summer has more influences of the buffalo, the elk, the pheasant, and some of those things that when people are traveling to South Dakota, they’re wanting to try those things.”Farzad Farrokhi

Along with the new and mainstay menu items comes an old guest favorite: The Deck.

After not being able to use The Deck for a couple years, the Buglin’ Bull is looking forward to summer in the sun.

“There’s full bar service and tap beer, all overhanging the building to offer one of the best views of Custer,” said Farrokhi. “It’ll be more appetizer- and sandwich-driven up there.”

But tourism season in or out, Farrokhi says the staff keeps it lively.

He said, “We’ve got a fantastic staff here—staff that treats the place like they own it. We really take pride in what they’re doing with guest service, quality of food, and atmosphere.”

For more information, visit BUGLINBULL.COM.

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