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August 1-4 // Bikini Beach Pre-Party
August 5-13 // Best Party Anywhere

At Sturgis Buffalo Chip, the goal is to host the “Best Party Anywhere.” During the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, stay at the Chip for free admission to concerts and other events. 

“That mantra and tagline allows for us to have music and events that are a party,” said executive vice president Daymon Woodruff. “From the moment that you were born to the moment you die, we are trained to gather for human connection and a good time.”

There’s always more going on than what’s on the surface.

Rob Zombie // Performs August 8

“People usually identify us with either camping or concerts but don’t realize the full breadth of activities and style of life you can have here,” said manager Toni Woodruff

Check out what Sturgis Buffalo Chip has to offer.

Sturgis Rally Concerts

“Buffalo Chip has been known since the beginning to create unlikely artist pairings to bring together the audience and the musicians in unique ways that add to the common thread of it being about the party, gathering, and making friends,” said Toni.

Sturgis Rally Concerts

*Get in free while saying at the Chip

Big Skillet // August 1-13
Quiet Riot // August 5
Judd Hoos // August 5
Camp Comfort // August 5
DJ Hulio // August 5-13
Tumbleweed // August 5-13
Snoop Dogg // August 6
Buckcherry // August 6
Chris Trew // August 6-13
Lynyrd Skynyrd // August 7
Bush // August 7
Devon Worley Band // August 7-13
Rob Zombie // August 8
Lita Ford // August 8
Foundry // August 8
Papa Roach // August 9
Falling in Reverse // August 9
Hollywood Undead // August 9
Bad Wolves // August 9
Travis Tritt // August 10
Jon Pardi // August 11
Williams & Ree // August 10-11
Puddle of Mudd // August 12
Pop Evil // August 12
Zillion // August 12
Back In Black // August 13
Blacklite District // August 13

Snoop Dogg // Performing August 6

On August 5, guests attending the Official Sturgis Rally Kickoff Party will get to see performances from heavy metal band Quiet Riot, rock ‘n’ roll group Judd Hoos, and multigenre Big Skillet

“We run a band contest where ReverbNation brings in some of them to open for our artists on our main stage. Then also fulfill time slots on our other stages,” said Daymon. “The idea is that if you don’t like what’s on our main stage, you can head over to a showcase stage.”

Over the next nine nights and spread across six entertainment stages, swing by each stage for the full spectrum of local and national performers.

“OUR JOB  is to put happy smiling faces on otherwise plain, boring heads.” -Daymon Woodruff

Lynyrd Skynyrd continues to just kill it when it comes to reservations,” said Daymon about the August 7 performer. “It just dawned on me that some of those heritage bands really do last the test of time.”

Hear can’t-miss artists like Rob Zombie, Jon Pardi, Buckcherry, and more. 

Snoop Dogg is another one of those musicians whose music has crossed generations and genres,” said Toni. “We were surprised by the variety of people coming the last time Snoop Dogg played here. Really good music crosses over and stays relevant.”

Bunk at Buffalo Chip

“We have close to 800 acres of property here,” said Toni. “We have designated tent camping areas, and people develop their own little neighborhoods and encampments there.”

Book your stay for the best prices and access to more accommodations. 

For those riding out on a motorcycle, consider saving some space when packing.

With EZ Camping, the Chip will provide a tent, air mattress, sleeping bag, pillow, and more basic camping necessities. Step it up a notch with the Camp Easy Ride reservation to arrive at your pre-assembled camp complete with a comforter, mirror, fresh linens, and more.

If glamping is more your style, try staying in a teepee or a canvas tent at Camp Zero. Another option is to bring an RV or to rent one.

“We at the Buffalo Chip like to say we’re never sold out,” said Toni. “We always have room for one more. Just like your dinner table at your grandmother’s house. We welcome everybody.”

If you’re already a lover of the Buffalo Chip or you just want a luxury experience, upgrade to Camp at Fenske Park behind the amphitheater to get extra privileges. Grab free beer, free dinner, have access to restricted areas, and maybe even run into performers backstage.


– For next year’s Rally, book as early as possible for the best prices.
– Sign up for a meal plan  at The Stage West Cafe for the best bang for your buck.
– Grab a plate of food hot off the griddle at the free pancake breakfast every morning near the West Gate.
– The General Store has anything you may need. Skip the ride to town, and make the most of your stay.

Biker Belles Women’s Day

“We started Biker Belles Women’s Day to celebrate and mentor women,” said Toni. 

The day begins with The Morning Ride starting in Deadwood and ending at the Chip for brunch, guest speakers, and awards.

“We want to encourage women to learn more about their bikes, build, and create. We have two garages on site. Both of the garages are supporting Women’s Day,” she said.

“I’M REALLY PROUD of our charity outreach. We do a lot of fundraising for local charities. We do those through our charitable platforms: Legends Ride, Freedom Celebration, Biker Belles  Women’s Day Celebration. We’ve raised over a million dollars that we’ve given back into the local community..” -Toni Woodruff

Experience the Women’s Bike Show presented by Maiden Moto, an art show, a silent auction, The Comfort Zone’s retail and pampering area, and participate in the hands on The Real Deal Revolution Workshops.

“Really it’s about making a home for women at Sturgis and a safe place where they can gather, be inspired by their heroes, become a future hero, and more,” said Toni.

Crazy Contests

Participate in a variety of contests or just attend the events for some extra fun during your stay. 

Contests include serious competitions like the Miss Buffalo Chip Pageant.

“Then we’ve got Bikini Beach, where wild and weird crawls out of the cave laughing,” said Daymon. “It is 100% unique contests and games like the Homemade Bikini and Mankini contests, where they go backstage with a bunch of props and they have to make a bikini or mankini.”

Other fun competitions are the Ultimate Rope Swing Contest, Slip ‘n’ Slide Relay, Beer Belly Contest, the Hot Hunks Contest, and more.

From concerts, contests, and camping to celebrating women and charity, there’s always fun to be had at the Best Party Anywhere.

For more information, visit BUFFALOCHIP.COM.


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