Whitney Donohue has been both an entrepreneur and an artist since she was a little girl. Her creative roots reach back to her elementary school days, when she and her sister set up shop on a street corner selling woven embroidery floss bracelets.

Growing up, Donohue spent a lot of time in her family’s craft room and became adept at a weaving technique known as macrame.

“I never would have guessed at that age that I would have my own business one day,” reflected Donohue. She says these simple skills laid the foundation for her small business, The Daily Collective in Sioux Falls.

The motivation to make her childhood dream a reality came when the pandemic hit in Donohue’s final year of graduate school. As her hands- on classes turned virtual, she felt a desire to rekindle her creative talents.

She began making décor and macrame products in her own home, listing them on Facebook Marketplace just to see what might happen.

The result? They sold. “Sometimes faster than I could wrap my head around,” remembered Donohue.

“The Daily Collective is my creative outlet of my day to day. It allows me to exercise my creativity with my hands.” – Whitney Donohue

Friends and family flocked to support the blooming business, as did clients from all over the country.

“It started with a passion for creating things by hand,” said Donohue, explaining the reason for her business’s name: “products for everyday use.”

Her line of products include graphic tees and sweatshirts, macrame key chains, bookmarks, pacifier clips, wall hangings and plant hangers, glassware and mugs, canvas totes, and more.

Learn How Classes


A 7”W x 10”H decorative piece. Macramé is hand tied around a piece of driftwood to create a simplistic, but boho look to accent a wall in your home. Design may vary sli htly based on desired difficulty level.


A 6.5” twisted keychain with clip access on one end and a tassel on the other. Can be shorter based on personal desire.


A 6.5” twisted keychain with clip access on one end and a tassel on the other. Can be shorter based on personal desire.


A 14” stringed charm that hangs from a rearview mirror. Place a few drops of essential oil on the wooden beads and let the aromatherapy fill your car. Can be shorter based on personal desire.

When asked what her favorite product to create was, Donohue’s response is simple: “I really enjoy creating everything that I make.”

Seeing her designs come to life is therapeutic for her, and after receiving requests to share her talents, she began teaching classes.

“For me, viewing and creating macramé is a therapeutic, calming process. I wanted to share that experience with others.” -Whitney Donohue

In each Learn How class, Donohue shares her step-by-step process of making something out of macrame. For public classes, those who sign up can make anything from a plant hanger to a keychain to a wall hanging.

For a private class, Donohue works with the party to decide which product is best for their needs.

The classes are for anyone who wants to learn and are the perfect occasion for a team building exercise, a bridal party activity, or just an afternoon of carefree creativity.

Additionally, Donohue’s sparkling personality makes her an ideal teacher to learn from and laugh with.

“My favorite part is getting to exercise and share my creative pursuits and build relationships with people at the same time,” she said.

“Whether it’s macramé, shirts, or any other product, seeing the vision come to life is one of the best parts of the process.” – Whitney Donohue

Daily Collective Products


+ Ceramic & tin coffee mugs
+ Crewneck sweaters
+ Custom totes
+ Decorative garlands
+ Dish towels
+ Etched glass cups & mugs
+ Graphic tees
+ Hair claws
+ Long sleeve shirts
+ Macramé bookmarks
+ Macramé car charms
+ Macramé keychains
+ Macramé mirrors
+Macramé pacifier clips
+ Macramé wall hangings
+ Phone grips
+ Teething rings
+ Wine charms

According to Donohue, the process has a very calming effect on those who take the time to learn.

Though Donohue currently works full time at JLG Architects as a project associate, she spends as much time as she can working on her creative pursuits outside the office.

She frequently participates in pop up shops and craft fairs with other local vendors, and has plans to expand her services.

In the year to come, she hopes to expand her line of products and widen her availability for teaching classes.

For more information, visit SHOPTHEDAILYCOLLECTIVE.COM.


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