“I love working in retail, but I wanted to do it in a way that aligned with my values,” said Sara Jamison, owner and founder of Terra Shepherd Boutique & Apothecary. “The world of sustainable and ethically made goods can be really difficult to navigate.” 

Sara wanted to make it easier for shoppers to find beautiful items that align with their beliefs.

Her passion for sustainable fashion stemmed from learning about the human and environmental impact of the fashion industry. 

“Because we are so far removed from where our clothing comes from, it’s easy to forget that there are actual people behind the clothes we buy,” said Jamison. “I have always believed in buying fewer things and investing in items built to last—sustainable fashion is just that.”

Learn more about Jamison, Terra Shepherd Boutique & Apothecary, and how she supports other small businesses.

The name Terra Shepherd came from…
In Latin, “terra” is the word for planet earth. Shepard is used to refer to the idea that we are the caretakers and keepers of our planet and the creatures that inhabit it. The name ‘Terra Shepherd’ encompasses a desire and shared responsibility to do what we can to protect our environment as well as our fellow human beings.

My goal as a business is…
to encourage folks to make small changes in their everyday lives to create a more sustainable future for us all. I want to celebrate peoples’ small victories when it comes to living more sustainably and be a champion for purchasing with more intention.

The best part of my job is…
the people, hands down. The women who choose to work at Terra Shepherd pour so much love and care into the shop and every single customer interaction. Our customers have shown up consistently to support us over the past three years – many will frequently stop just to say hello. The small brands I partner with are also second to none. They want to see us do well and genuinely care about my team and myself. It’s an honor to do what I do.

“If you’re looking for zero waste goods or Fair Trade certified items, we’re the shop for you.” 
Sara Jamison

My inventory includes…
sustainable fashion in sizes XS-4X, accessories, home goods, toiletries, gifts, and natural wellness products. Everything in store is sourced with sustainability and ethical production in mind.

What I love about living a sustainable lifestyle is…
there are so many paths you can take to live more sustainably—anyone can do it. Each person can create their own unique journey that feels sustainable for the season of life they are currently experiencing. Even the smallest changes can have a major impact over time.

One fashion item I can’t live without is…
a beautiful handbag. A high-quality bag can literally last forever. It can also pull together and elevate any outfit. Leggings, a basic t-shirt, and a denim jacket topped off with a gorgeous bag? Perfection.

I support other small businesses by…
playing tour guide when people stop in the shop. I enjoy making dining, shopping, and entertainment suggestions to guests who pass through. I love driving traffic to other small businesses and talking up other small businesses.

My favorite part about working with my customers is…
getting to know their stories and what lights them up. This makes it possible to provide tailor-made recommendations for our customers and create a personalized experience. Retail can be emotionally taxing at times, but building a connection with customers and providing them with solutions makes the tough days all worth it.

5 Fun Facts About Sara

  • I have worked in retail for about a decade, but this is my first and only business venture.
  • I am a registered yoga teacher.
  • I typically have three beverages with me at all times—a warm beverage, water, and something bubbly.
  • My husband and I have two young sons and two goofy dogs. 
  • I have lived in Sioux Falls for 31 of my 38 years.

My favorite product we sell is…
this is impossible to answer. We sell items made by over 100 small makers and brands—all of which are prioritizing creating products that are good for both people and the planet. There is so much intention, skill, and love that goes into the products we sell. You can’t make me choose.

When I’m not working, you can find me…
walking my two dogs with my family at one of the amazing parks in the area. Great Bear Ski Valley, Palisades State Park, or Good Earth State Park are a few of our favorites. They are gorgeous places to hike or picnic and such hidden gems in our area.

When I walk around downtown, my favorite places to stop are…
this is so tough, too. I have always loved downtown Sioux Falls. I would have to say that a few of my favorites are Zandbroz Variety, The Great Outdoor Store, and Child’s Play Toys. They have been downtown staples for so many years, but they all do an amazing job of assorting incredible products. I so admire what they are all doing, and I love introducing new people to these downtown gems.

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