“We think that Juniper is a ‘neighborhood’ restaurant, or that we feel like if you know us, you are family,” said Alexis Sullivan, co-owner and manager of Juniper in Rapid City.

The “elevated comfort food” restaurant made the move from Sheridan Lake Road to Canal Street in the Landstrom’s Original Gold Creations building in 2020 a few years after purchasing the company from Pete Franklin.

Matthew worked under Pete at Delmonico Grill and followed him to Juniper,” recalled Alexis. “Pete was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2015, and Matthew and I talked with Pete and decided to buy the business from him in February 2016.”

“We strive to have a family-like environment for our staff. We encourage them to have fun and try something new.” – Alexis Sullivan

Deciding to move in the fall of 2018, the build took longer than expected, and the opening happened in March 2020 when the pandemic shut down eateries and other businesses worldwide.

“We, like everyone else, learned how to adapt to the ever-changing time,” said Alexis. “We developed a three-course menu for take-out that we still have today. Our new location has helped us grow and encourages us to grow, too.”

While the new location isn’t as much as a “neighborhood restaurant” nowadays, the couple says they strive to give that same friendly vibe.

“Our atmosphere is very homey, and we want you to feel like you can sit and enjoy yourself without worrying about a time constraint,” said Alexis.

The new space allows Juniper to have more tables, which can welcome more guests for the Sullivan’s specialized menus. One of the most popular menu items is the Autumn Apple Salad with chopped romaine dried cranberries, smoked bacon, feta, toasted pecans, sweet poppy seed vinaigrette, and is garnished with apple and pear slices. Others include the French Onion Soup, Mushroom Ragu(BH Lion’s Mane, grey and pink oyster mushrooms with baby portabellas, sweet bell peppers, zucchini, and yellow squash over creamy polenta with Manchego cheese finish), and the Petite Filet (yukon gold mashed potatoes, thyme- roasted carrots, blackberry gastrique, and garlic parsley compound butter).

Menu items change every three weeks, so Alexis says people come back often to try new things. It’s also for that reason that she says it’s hard to choose her personal favorites.

“It’s hard to pick since the menu changes frequently. It’s so fun to try all the different options and fall in love with one, then have something the next day and fall in love with it too,” said Alexis. “But if I was forced to pick, I would say it is the Petite Filet. I love the mix of sweet and savory.”

Luckily for her and others, the filet is a staple on the menu and will always be available.



Hard apple cider demi-glace over sweet potato puree, broccolini, and fried sage garnish.


Tenderloin apple gastrique over red mashed potatoes and pancetta Brussel sprouts.


Roasted sweet potato, arugula, pancetta hash, and sriracha maple syrup.


 Romaine wedge smoked bacon, cherry tomatoes, garlic butter croutons topped with blue cheese crumbles, and dressing. 


Crispy skin over sweet potato puree and haricot verts.


Local BH Mushrooms over toasted French baguette with foie gras mousse, shaved parmesan, and lemon balsamic pearls.

The team at Juniper says they strive to make everything from scratch and source as many local ingredients as they can.

“Our chefs Jason Sprague and Preston Pearson come in each day around noon to start prepping,” said Alexis. “We make everything to order and focus on whole ingredients and keep dietary restrictions in mind as well. Our proteins are cooked either in cast iron or on a charbroiler.”

“We make almost everything in house, and we love that we know all the ingredients in our dishes.” – Alexis Sullivan

Juniper sources mushrooms from Black Hills Mushrooms, and other ingredients have come from Homegrown Pork and Poultry, Whey Back Farms, Elk Creek Foods, and Owl Creek Organics & Natural Products.

“We just started working with two local beef providers for this upcoming spring season,” said Alexis. “Our micro greens come from Sarah Bloniak at A Mother’s Heart Microgreens. We use Dakota Seafood for our fish options, and Prairie Harvest and Wild Idea Buffalo for our unique meat options.”

The Sullivans describe their dishes as “New American,” and that the ever-changing menu always goes with the season.

“We want the food to feel familiar, while also feeling like something you may have never had before,” said Alexis. “We try to match the seasons, so when it is warm outside you can enjoy a lighter entrée and when it’s cold, we have options to warm you right up.”

Alexis says they have a large community of “regulars” that they know on a personal level. Having the new location has also brought more travelers and newcomers, as well. The rotating menu also keeps people coming back to try more.

“I believe we are unique because we try to source as local as possible.” – Alexis Sullivan

“It gives us room to have options for everyone,” said Alexis. “If you don’t see something this week, come back and check again and we may have something you are craving.”

But it’s the locals, they say, that make them thankful over the holidays and every day.

“We love our community here in Rapid,” Alexis continued, “and without them we would have never made it this far.”

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