Located in Spearfish, a mother-daughter trio began Freckled Fox – a boutique for the community that’s kind, caring, and fashion-forward.

Freckled Fox, which began as an idea of Amanda Goetz’s in college, opened in 2017. Having previous retail experience, the Goetz girls started their own store with the intention of serving women who value individuality and show it through their style. 

The cozy boutique sells an assortment of items from jackets and outerwear to accessories and gifts. These items can be found on Freckled Fox’s website, but they also boast a local store front. However, they keep their selection small so shoppers are able to find unique items. 

Before opening Freckled Fox, the Goetzes knew which space they wanted, and a conversation with the space’s prior occupant set things in motion.

“She happened to be at our garage sale and said, ‘Yeah, I’m thinking about moving everything to Belle Fourche with some other partners.’ I looked at Amanda and I said, ‘That’s it. It’s time. That’s the sign,’” said Beth Goetz

The space, a 500-square-foot old garage located at 312 W. Jackson Boulevard, has housed many of Spearfish’s businesses over the years, most recently a once-a-month market, and the past residents are still part of the fabric of the store. 

“Everybody has kind of put their own flair on the space, so when we came in, it was just adding to that,” said Amanda. 

Although the storefront still has influences from businesses that have preceded it, Freckled Fox is a warm space that reflects its owners’ tastes and individual styles.

“We do evolve all the time, as it should.”
Beth Goetz

Gift Ideas

  • Sarah Goetz illustration yearly calendar.
  • The shop’s new signature scent, Freckled Fox. This eau de parfum is South Dakota made by Prairie Artisan Fragrances and the logo is drawn by Sarah Goetz Illustration.
  • Candles; Frasier Fir is a holiday favorite.”
  • “Anything lululemon.” Freckled Fox just started carrying a bit of men’s options for people to pick up.
  • Locally screen printed and designed Black Hills sweatshirts, long sleeves, mugs, and hats.

The new holiday collection by Rope & Leather. “Her jewelry is handmade and she just came out with a new holiday collection that has some extra glitz for the season.

“We wanted it to be a place that we like to be and carry things that we like to wear and have in our homes,” said Beth.  

But Freckled may not look the exact same from visit to visit. The Goetz girls make sure it evolves. Whether it be a new light fixture or an updated logo, the boutique is constantly adjusting to remain a place at which locals and guests alike want to stop. 

The inventory changes, too, aiding in the store’s goal to stay fresh. Though they carry store staples, like candles, the Goetzes give new life to Freckled Fox through small, yet impactful, changes, like offering new scents. 

The girls apply that same philosophy to brands, keeping some old faithfuls, while being unafraid to take risks on something new for their customers.

A true family business, the Goetzes collaborate on all parts of their business. Each girl has a say in what’s sold at Freckled Fox, and the mother and daughters act as the models for the clothing featured on both their social media pages and website. 

In true small business spirit, Freckled Fox supports other local vendors, like Prairie Artisan Fragrances, a perfumery; Oh Geez! Design, a graphic design studio; and partner Sarah Goetz’s illustrations. 

Freckled Fox finds other ways to support locals, too, like hosting a patio party each summer where food trucks and other pop-up vendors can showcase their products. 

“It’s a good chance to highlight local vendors that we don’t carry all the time that maybe don’t do wholesale, but we love ourselves,” said Amanda. “We want to be able to feature them in our community, too.”

Freckled Fox’s Values

Freckled Fox is a community-centric business.

They say they’ll always put supporting their community ahead of competing with other businesses.

Not only does the boutique carry a wide range of items, it caters to multiple audiences, including apparel for men, a recent addition. As Sarah noted, there’s something for everyone at Freckled Fox. 

Creating a welcoming environment is a top priority for the Goetzes. From their own time shopping and patronizing other businesses, they say they know how important a pleasurable experience is to the consumer. 

Whether patrons are trying on clothes or simply browsing, Freckled Fox wants its customers to feel at home. 

“When I go somewhere, I like to feel like I want to be there. You want people to stay and feel comfortable,” said Beth. 

In addition to creating a cozy climate for shopping, the Goetz girls like to experiment with their inventory. They’re willing to test new products to see if the community is interested, ensuring some of what they sell meets current trends.

“We’re not afraid to try new things, and I think that’s something that’s special about us.”
Amanda Goetz

Housed with History

The Freckled Fox space has been inhabited by multiple businesses in the past, including:

– A bike shop
– A body shop
– An ice cream shop
– A piano shop

“We’re not afraid to try new things and I think that’s something that’s special about us,” said Amanda. “We keep evolving that way and seeing what works.” 

When you’re at Freckled Fox, the Goetzes say they won’t pressure you to buy anything.

“If it’s not right, it’s not right. We’re not pushy to push you to buy something because we want it to be right. We want it to be your favorite store that you come back to all the time,” said Beth.  

The Goetz ladies also noted that they each care to chat with their patrons and make everyone’s experience worthwhile. They said they want Freckled Fox to be their customers’ favorite store, a place everyone wants to return. 

“We want you to enjoy your time in here and have a good experience,” said Beth.

For more information, visit FRECKLEDFOX.COM.


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